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Check Out the Revolutionary Hands-Free Wheelchair Design That's Got the Internet Buzzing
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Check Out the Revolutionary Hands-Free Wheelchair Design That's Got the Internet Buzzing

The world of wheelchair technology is about to see a landmark moment as the Ogo, an exciting invention developed in New Zealand by a man named Kevin Halsall, is about to enter mass production. This is very interesting news as the Ogo itself looks set to revolutionize the way people in wheelchairs live their lives. The chair itself is entirely hands-free, opening up a world of opportunities for people and surely increasing their quality of life in a big way.

The Ogo actually might not exist without the Segway. Kevin Halsall decided to incorporate the technology that powers a Segway into a wheelchair. He was inspired by his best friend, Marcus Thompson, who has used a wheelchair ever since a skiing accident made him paraplegic. It took Halsall several years to perfect his design and enter this mass production stage, but the final result has been worth the wait. The inventor is in the running for various prestigious awards and the device itself will surely prove to be a big seller all around the world.

The Ogo is able to travel at speeds of up to 20km per hour and is entirely hands-free. This means that the user can control his or her direction of travel using their own body weight and a variety of sensor 248e s built into the device. Not only that, but the Ogo also happens to be an all-terrain vehicle. Its tires can be replaced with several variants, all of which have been specially designed for travel across a wide array of surfaces. If you or someone you know is in a wheelchair and likes to get outdoors on rougher terrain the Ogo could be a truly life-changing device.

The Ogo has undergone various changes since Halsall developed the initial idea. In the beginning, Halsall worked with a Segway that he borrowed from a friend and tried to attach a seat to it. Afterward, he decided to buy his own Segway and take it apart. He then used various mechanisms and sensors to rebuild the device as a wheelchair. The Ogo is now equipped with stabilizers to prevent it from tipping over. The whole thing is powered by a rechargeable battery that should allow the average user to travel about 30km before needing a charge.

They haven't yet revealed the pricing plan for the Ogo, but Halsall says he isn’t in this for the money. The inventor wants to help as many people as he can with his incredible new device and plans to keep the Ogo affordable. Clearly, this device is a great addition to the wheelchair world, and its most interesting feature has to be the hands-free nature of the Ogo. Thanks to the invention, users will be able to perform a whole range of activities that were simply impossible in a more conventional wheelchair. From playing more sports to potentially finding employment across a larger range of jobs, the Ogo could really help people broaden their horizons.

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