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Segway S-Pod: Revolutionary Wheelchair Influenced by Jurassic World
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Segway S-Pod: Revolutionary Wheelchair Influenced by Jurassic World

The revolution of the wheelchair is right here. Yes, the S-Pod created by Segway has a speed of 38 kilometers per hour which is amazing!


This is a self-balancing wheelchair that works on electric power and truly gives you a pleasurable experience while riding. The chair is designed in an egg shape that has a top speed of 38km/hr. Surprisingly, this vehicle is not designed for use outdoors and instead it is supposed to be used in spaces such as malls or airports.

Controlling the Wheelchair

Controlling this wheelchair is easier than you could ever imagine. Don't let the size and look of the vehicle fool you as it is can easily control with just a joystick placed on the right-hand side of the seat.

People who have tried their hands on this wheelchair says that it moves really swiftly. The reason is the design of the wheelchair is influenced by geospheres which were seen in the Jurassic World movie, the rides in sphere shape that help tourists to take a look around the park.


Considering the features of the vehicle, they are very few and simple including horn. The battery level of the wheelchair is indicated by a light strip placed on the front of this chair while on the back there are a couple of more lights to give turning signals.

There is a tablet placed on your left armrest that will allow the user to change the light color that looks pretty interesting. However, what impresses the most about this wheelchair is that it works on only two wheels and yet stays so sturdy.

Expected to Release

This S-Pod is expected to release in the first half of 2021 as the vehicle is still a concept wheelchair. This is a great concept that is being looked forward to by many people as it is not only quick but also provides a joyful and fun ride.

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  1. pftsusan
    This is great for indoor use. And it seems like fun. So does this means that one would have to have an outdoor wheelchair or scooter to switch off to? Good article.
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    1. Sana Khan
      Sana Khan
      Possibly! Maybe they will introduce something similar for outdoors as well once they find it safe enough. Will update if that happens, stay tuned! :)
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  2. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    Really interesting! Keep us updated if you can.
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  3. Mike rolls
    Looks awesome. I had an Ibot same principle as Segway. It was the best chair ever. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes forth from this concept.
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