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Birds as Service Animals? Why Not?
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Birds as Service Animals? Why Not?

Because I love birds so much, and plan on training my Parakeets, it dawned on me this morning: "What if it was possible to have a pet bird to help you?" I think it would be amazing to train a bird to be a service pet. They certainly are smart enough.

The question remains: Would you want a bird as a service animal?  What if it were one that was fully potty trained?  All you would have to do is open the cage in the morning and let the bird out into free flight all day, to hang with you. You could even harness your bird so that you could take them outside and spend quality time together outdoors. The ideal animal would likely be that is social and friendly.

What could I train a bird to do for you? Well, they could turn on and off lights for one, as well as pick up dropped items like a pen or piece of paper. It really depends upon the size of the bird and his or her intelligence.

I have been obsessed with bird training and have been addicted to Bird I watch the videos and spend hours on the website learning about training birds.I have trained animals my whole life. I love using the clicker on my dogs, but have not done this type of training with a bird yet. I am excited to try it out with my Parakeets.

If nothing else, I can train birds and take them to nursing homes, hospitals, and rehab clinics to visit. That said, I believe in free flight. I will not be cutting any birds feathers, ever. Birds make a home happier. Those that can talk, provide hours of entertainment.

Let me know if this is of interest to you. Meanwhile, I will start touch training my birds Rags & Ollie, to be of service.

Have a fantastic day everyone!



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  1. Admin
    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Tara! Here's an article we think you might find interesting about this particular topic. Who knows, maybe it'll lead to another blog post!:
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  2. pftsusan
    I think that birds can be trained up to a certain degree for service animals. To get the ball rolling, you could ask one of your doctors to sign for your birds to be service animals for you. Then you shouldn't have to pay pet fees where you are renting and they will be accepted to be with all at all times. If you have to take them on a plane, they go for free in coach, under your seat, when they are service animals. Great post. I added you to my bloggers.
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