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Sex and Intimacy
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Sex and Intimacy

Ever since finding out I have Multiple Sclerosis and of course growing older I have found that I have a lower sex drive than I once did I thought it would be impossible to be intimate with my new husband. But to my surprise we found a new kid of intimacy .One that is more intense is so much more meaningful. One where we are able to hold hands and talk. Just snuggle and hold . We feel closer than I ever had been with anyone.

So even if you have heath issues there are other ways to be intimate . Some times just being there to support each other through  good times and bad.

Spending quiet time alone just talking and holding each other means so much more than sex it actually brings you closer to the one you love and helps them to understand your disability better and you can understand what they feel too. Makes the closest intimate bond and a chance at being closer than you ever did

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  1. pftsusan
    Thank you for sharing.
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    1. tinglemeyer
      I share to show others there is always an other way of doing something you thought you lost
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  2. JudySSS
    A very touching post. Sometimes, simple good communication can be more enjoyable than sex.
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  3. Mendy
    I absolutely agree with you
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  4. JudySSS
    Yes good communication can replace sex. And for people with disabilities it is not easy to find a partner for intimate relationships, but they need to relax and give out their sexual energy. As an option, you can use for intimate communication and for sharing intimate photos, and get aesthetic pleasure from viewing sexy photos.
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  5. Tyler Corona
    When I started working at, me and my partner had the same problem but just like what you said, good communication can replace it. Luckily we are able to fix our problems.
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