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She Has Gone Viral & For Good Reason
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She Has Gone Viral & For Good Reason

She is honest and outspoken. She says what is on her mind and she gives deep advice. She has gone viral and she doesn't mince her words.

An interview of a woman in wheelchair has gone viral after how the lady in the video answered the questions thrown at her. She did not display any fear or hesitancy in answering everything, no matter how personal the questions were. And that’s Santina Muha.

Santina was involved in a horrible car accident at the tender age of five. The crash left her paralyzed from the waist down. Her wheelchair became her partner since that day.

Despite her disability, Santina lived her life normally. Her perspective, principles in life, perseverance and motivation paved her way to success. Santina is now a writer, an actress and an improviser. Being on a wheelchair did not stop her from pursuing her dreams and doing the things she loves.

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed, Santina was asked several questions sent by her fans. She, being herself, answered all of them wittingly and honestly. She gave her point of view about how it is to be a woman in a wheelchair.

She said in the video that she once used her wheelchair to ram a woman’s ankles a little because the lady was getting in her nerves. She said such after being asked if she had ever used her mobility device as a weapon.

The New Jersey-native expressed that she doesn't mind when people ask if she needs help. But what bugs her if those people keep on asking even after she said “No”. She also stated that she already accepted the fact that she’s on a wheelchair. But she doesn't want people to focus on her disability.

Another fan asked if she gets upset if people ask her how she got into the mobility device. The actress explicitly answered that it doesn't really upset her. But what makes her frustrated is if it’s the first question people will ask her during their first meeting.

She also stated clearly that when a person says she is an inspiration, her feelings and reaction depend on the reason why she is considered as one. She then further explained that if the reason people are inspired because she dresses up, gets out from the house and rolls with her wheelchair, then she doesn't want to hear that. What she does like is if the people are inspired and motivated because of her work and achievements.

Santina ended the video with deep and inspiring advice to all the girls in wheelchair. She said that even with a disability, they can still have dreams and they can still reach for them whatever their dreams and aspirations are. But they may have to make adjustments and a few changes in achieving them. She also emphasized that they should not assume they cannot do it; they just have to try and pursue their goals in a different way.

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