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She Loves to Zoom: Why Stacie Stoud Hasn't Slowed Down Since Her Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis
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She Loves to Zoom: Why Stacie Stoud Hasn't Slowed Down Since Her Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Life might never be ordinary for Stacie Stoud who happens to have Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. However, this doesn’t stop her from doing the things that she loves to do. Hailing from Heron’s Rise, Andover, Stacie has recently been provided with a new high-tech wheelchair that allows her to zoom around school and home with ease.

Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy occurs as a result of a brain injury usually in children under three years of age. With the condition, all four limbs of the child are affected and he or she generally requires a wheelchair for increased mobility.

After outgrowing her previous mode of transport, Stacie’s family conducted several fundraising activities to raise the money for a new model. Along with the equipment funding by New Life Foundation for Disabled Children, Stacie was able to get a wheelchair that is highly adaptable for her condition.

With the wheelchair, Stacie is able to access different surfaces that allow her better mobility in school, at home, and everywhere else she goes. It also lessens the pain from pressure sores that accompany her diagnosis.

According to Stacie’s mom, the new wheelchair is faster than the one she previously owned. Stacie’s mom, Sarah Stroud is happy that her daughter will finally be able to zoom up with her peers. “She loves her new wheels!" Sarah says, “She is going so fast that perhaps we will all have to run to keep up with her!"

Apart from the speed, the new wheelchair is extremely comfortable for Stacie which is a huge advantage, as she will be using it every day.

This is the second wheelchair that has been funded by the New Life Foundation. The initiative was started by the charity organization to support the growing demands for such equipment.

The foundation has also launched a campaign on their website where residents can leave the names of the people who need assistance as well.

The New Life Foundation has helped many children with similar disabilities. Help has been provided to almost 381 children in Andover, and the list is growing day by day with more than twelve children already on the waiting list for equipment.

The charity is working hard to help the local people of Andover. They guarantee that each and every donation that they receive goes directly to  the equipment fund for children with disabilities.

Stacie Stoud is really happy with her new wheels. She wishes to thank everyone, especially the New Life Foundation and the group of family and friends who helped her to get the new wheelchair. This girl loves all her new zoom, from the high-tech wheelchair that may have otherwise been very difficult to obtain.

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