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Boston Woman Spreads Winter Warmth by Shoveling Walks in Her Wheelchair
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Boston Woman Spreads Winter Warmth by Shoveling Walks in Her Wheelchair

A Massachusetts resident spends a few hours each day shoveling snow in her area, with the help of her electric mobility device.

Crystal Evans, a 33-year old woman living in Boston, suffers from a neuromuscular disease that requires her to use a mobility device. She has been on a power chair for quite some time.

Despite her condition, Evans remains enthusiastic and positive. She's established her own business where she makes and sells party supplies. She is also a wonderful mother of a four-year-old girl and a caring wife to her husband.

Evans lives her life with vivacity. She is a person who is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others. With such character, she says it isn't a burden for her to do things for her neighbors.

It was winter and snow was filling the streets, sidewalks and other pathways. Evans was on her way to the post office for an important appointment. She was making her way through the snow-filled pathways when she noticed that the path where her wheelchair generally passed was cleared from snow. And that gave her an idea.

Following that day, Evans began shoveling the snow on her neighborhood’s pathways and sidewalks with her electric wheelchair. She would just place the shovel between her chair’s footrests and then roll with it. It was as simple as that.

Snow accumulation in the Boston area had been overwhelming this particular winter. According to local reports, people were even dumping snow into bodies of water. And Evans, to help solve this snow problem, would spend five hours almost every day. Just shoveling.

This Boston woman believes that by pitching in, in this way, she can inspire and encourage others to do the same. To her, making people realize that they are capable of doing their part by setting an example, is the whole goal. Get this. In one winter, Evans spent almost 100 hours clearing the paths from heavy snow.

Not everyone with disability is capable of doing similar acts of physical kindness or service for others. But the world is a better place when we all do what we can. As for Evans, she continues to shovel walks and inspire others with her winter warmth.


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