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Shock Absorbing Wheel is a Great Upgrade
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Shock Absorbing Wheel is a Great Upgrade

Sam Pearce, a British designer and inventor, reinvented the wheel by replacing the spokes with strings. The result was remarkably amazing – shock absorbing wheels. The design was to help wheelchair users negotiate bumpy and uneven paths and easily maneuver through rough terrains and unleveled streets.

It was in 2009 that the idea first came up. Pearce saw a rain gutter and took its rubber piping. He went on by cutting it into strips, each measuring six inches. Using a wheel made of plywood, Pearce looped the rubber strips and began running it over a tabletop. With his fingers serving as dummy speedbumps, the British inventor looked at how the wheel rolled over them and knew there would be something great and useful to come out of it.

After that crude prototype, Pearce decided to visit an archery shop. With his jerry-built springs, he realized that he needed to improve the wheel to be somewhat like a bow. It should be remarkably strong yet flexible.

With the help of the bow-makers, Pearce was able to make the perfect wheel. It took more than 60 iterations to create what is now known as the Loopwheels.

The Loopwheels were first used on bicycles, then on mountain bikes. The shock-absorbing wheels later caught the attention of a wheelchair manufacturer who began sourcing them from Pearce.

The wheels are designed and built with an integral suspension. With such design, traveling over uneven paths and bumps is a hassle no more. The shock-absorbing Loopwheels makes travel and rides a little smoother.

Today, wheelchairs are being upgraded by using the Loopwheels. Users can now easily navigate and go through bumpy roads and rough terrains without worries. The Loopwheels can take care of the road with ease by flexibly rolling over it.

Pearce has worked on 3-D folding mechanisms, non-invasive surgery equipment, and motorbikes. Loopwheels is just one of his marvelous designs and inventions.



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