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Simon's Pony-Drawn Vehicle is Making Beaches, Grass, And Rocks Accessible For The Wheelchair Users
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Simon's Pony-Drawn Vehicle is Making Beaches, Grass, And Rocks Accessible For The Wheelchair Users

The 64-years -old Simon Mulholland who is the owner of Pony Axe S provide horse-drawn rides for the wheelchair users in an innovative vehicle that has three wheels with space where the wheelchair can be placed.

20 years back, Simon started building pony powered vehicles. From day one, he had an imagination of pushing away the ponies into mainstream communities .“It is about access. Oddly enough, this isn’t a pony activity, it is an accessible activity. If somebody wanted to go bird watching or anything, I don’t care, they want to go and do something and they can’t get there. I can get them there and that’s what it is about. He emphasized that his pony drawn vehicle is not a “disabled activity” yet an “inclusive activity,” said Simon.

A year and a half ago, he had moved to the town of Paisley and has been tied up with Glasgow-based organizations after his plans on getting Pony Axe S more established in the city.

Since then Simon had offered people a ride on the Pony Axe S to 40 different beaches in Scotland.

For Simon, it was a bad idea to start the accessible pony-drawn service in England because the countryside organizations didn't want to have a conversation with him about the service.

Back in 2017, he started working with Scotland-based charity PAMIS and on April 2, 2017, he took a ride around Pollok Park with the people in their wheelchairs.

In 2005, he invented an instant pony release system, since he met an accident with a bolting horse. After that incident, he teamed up with the GalGael Trust in Glasgow to work on the small system issues and to make it perfect and maintain the safety of the vehicles.

According to the owner of Pony Axe S, safety is a very important concern, the vehicle has been examined in the most extreme environments.

A Glasgow-based cycling charity named Free Wheel North has come together with Simon and Obama to provide accessible bicycles. Simon is looking forward to renaming the initiative WeeGeeGeeAccess to become more Glasgow focused.


Image credit: Simon Mulholland/ YouTube Screencap

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