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Simple Ways To Take Back Your Health
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Simple Ways To Take Back Your Health



As a fitness trainer and nutrition coach, it is one of my greatest passions, to show people that have CP and other physical conditions. That can do more and be more than they think. The one limiting factor that I run into a lot, are people saying that they can’t be the healthiest person they can be because they’re in a wheel chair or can’t move like I do. Honestly, I believe that to be nonsense. I’m aware that my tone may be tough, but trust me it’s filled with love, because I tired of seeing others like myself, not know who they are, who they can be and what they can accomplish. The biggest problem that I see in the adaptive community, is people struggling in the area of weight gain.

Now, there could be various issues that are associated with this, anything from medication to thyroid issues and even mental health issues. Some of us though, are simply eating anything and everything they so desire at any time of day. That is a very big problem. The CDC reported (fairly recently) that over a hundred million people have pre-diabetes or diabetes, this blew me away, and I hope this shocks you too. Our society is so profoundly addicted to excess amounts of processed sugars and carbohydrates, they may taste good and even bring you comfort, but ask yourself, what is costing your health?

With this said, I am going to provide you will some very ways that you can start taking back your health one day at a time.  First, replace all the sugar filled drinks with water, water is helpful toward energy levels and better mental function. It can also help with weight loss and constipation as well. Second, it your protein, in my opinion, protein is the one of macro-nutrients that we should be focusing on, regardless if you eat meat or practice a plant based like style. It can keep you fuller longer, which then curves your cravings for junk food  and it strengthens your bones. Which is crucial if you have a form of arthritis. Third, if you going to eat carbs, make sure they are from good sources, that being from sweet potato, brown rice, oats seeds etc. Fruits and veggies are a great source of as well. I do stress though, not eating crabs in excess, for the simple reason that it will spike your insulin level and lead you to be a great crash. The same can be said about fruit as well, as much as you may like it it’s still sugar. So eating a handful a day is just fine in my humble opinion. Lastly with so many diets in the world, it can become easy to feel confused or even overwhelmed. I promise you tough, if you implement these nutritional changes, you will see results in so many areas of your life. If physical exercise is hard for you, that’s okay too. But please be sure to find some things that you can do. Putting a deeper focus on your nutrition is  just fine. Please also note that unless you have a medical condition that requires you to eat, you don’t have to satisfy ever single craving. If you don’t have access to the healthiest food, because of work or travel, you can go without food for a small window. At least until you can get a healthier choice.

            -Brandon Ryan

Certified fitness trainer/nutrition coach, internal sports science

Founder of Adapt or Die: Mindset. Fitness. Nutrition.

Image credit: Brandon Ryan

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