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Slip on Sports Shoes For Men With Disabilities, Stylish and More Comfortable For Them
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Slip on Sports Shoes For Men With Disabilities, Stylish and More Comfortable For Them

A big fan of shoes and hate tieing laces again and again? there is the best option for you, which is Slip-on Shoes. If you read the name closely itself tell how easily you can put on these shoes.

Slip-on sports shoes have a huge fan following since it comes in various styles and colors and people can easily wear these shoes for sporting activities or just casual wear. It's also the first choice for the independent financial advisor, Rushabh Desai on any occasion.

Wheelchair user, Rushabh who is suffering from a neuromuscular disorder called GNE myopathy. There are two types of Slip-on sports shoes, the regular fit which a little bit wide and the slim fit and narrow towards the toes.

The favorite one of Rushabh's is the regular fit and he likes to keep it one size bigger than his actual foot size. "This way there's ample breathing space, giving the toes good flexibility to spread and rest."

If you are interested in Slip-on shoes, you can check out the lined up in this week's NH Lifestyle and also the shoes are under 3,000 INR.

Running a great deal on Amazon, Red Tape Men's Running Shoes, this one is a smart pair, it comes with dark blue and the base is colored white and to keep your legs comfortable the material on top is meshed and its width is medium. The users can easily wear it on a formal outfit.

At the price of 1499 INR, you can get the Max Textured Slip on Sports Shoes, it comes with a shade of red at the top and the sole and side are white. You can find it on MAX FASHION.

Looking for some branded shoes here is Puma Slip-on Running Sports Shoe, the shoes can be used as sportswear and also casual wear. It comes with a grey band running across with a white edge around the shoe. You can get these sports shoes on AJIO for 1330 INR.

There are many more shoes in different variety, you can go check it out and pick your favorite one.

Image credit: MabelAmber/Pixabay

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  1. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    Nice article. How well do these shoes hold up over time? Do you walk or use a chair? I have Cerebral Palsy but so far at 51 I am still walking. I am always looking for good durable shoes.
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  2. johnadison
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  3. umair97
    This is an interesting article. What do you prefer: walking or sitting? While 51 years old, I still walk with Cerebral Palsy. In search of good, durable <a href="">shoes</a>, I am always searching for new styles.
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