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Omaha Veteran Plows Neighborhood Snow from Wheelchair
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Omaha Veteran Plows Neighborhood Snow from Wheelchair

Justin Anderson is unique for many reasons. However, what recently set him apart from the majority of his co-residents in Omaha, Nebraska this winter, is the warmth with which he welcomed the nasty weather conditions.

Anderson, an Iraq war veteran, did something really amazing to make life simpler for his neighbors. He used a one-of-a-kind snowplow wheelchair he fashioned himself, to plow sidewalks in areas adjacent to his house as well as those around a school located across the street.

His primary goal was to ensure that the cross-walks in his neighborhood are clear to allow kids reach school safely. Next, he went on to help his neighbors deal.

On one of the snowiest days this winter, Anderson spent approximately four hours outdoors, helping people in his neighborhood by plowing snow with his innovative creation. Known for working on motorcycles, Anderson had created this unique snowplowing chair by welding a blade to an all-terrain electric wheelchair. According to the young vet, the on-the-fly tilt of the chair helps him regulate the blade’s height when pushing through the snow.

It was one of Anderson's neighbors who posted the news on Facebook. Soon after which, the story went viral. Since then, Anderson has become one of the most talked about names in the country.

He never expected that his story would get such a reaction. Anderson realized what exactly had happened only after receiving a phone call from a friend in California, who contacted him after seeing him on the morning news.

That, however, is only a small part of the war veteran’s story. Anderson has been through serious struggles throughout his life. His physical struggles began when he survived a shrapnel and gun shot in the battlefield, but lost a leg due to that injury. This was followed by his battle with brain cancer.

Anderson’s cancer came back within two months of remission. As a result, he had to undergo a more aggressive form of cancer treatment. At present, he is in remission and putting forth his best efforts to contribute to the society.

Heavy snow has always caused significant frustration for commuters and has been a matter of serious concern for parents. By moving the thick snow covering the crossways and sidewalks in his neighborhood, Anderson succeeded in helping his community in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

According to him, this was the least he could do for all of the neighbors who supported him during his dark days. He's said that even if he didn’t receive any positive response, he would have continued with snowplowing. By doing the work, Anderson is also spreading word of hope for other veterans with disabilities. He wants to set an example for them and help them to understand that there are many things they can do in spite of mobility issues.

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