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Social Workers: Helping People With Disabilities Overcome Challenges
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Social Workers: Helping People With Disabilities Overcome Challenges

Almost 57 million individuals in the nation have been diagnosed with a disability. Disabilities can range from physical impairments, mental health diagnosis, and intellectual disabilities. The ranges can be expansive, from highly functioning to those who need much more assistance. However, all these individuals are human beings and many of them need assistance in one form or another to help them lead the most productive and satisfying lives possible.

Although fear is a major stigma that prohibits some companies and people from stepping in to assist those with disabilities, even going as far as complaining about ADA compliance, there are a select few that are meant for the work needed to help those who need it the most. Doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and staff members tend to have the patience and understanding to see the people who are behind the disability and help each day in making their lives better despite the societal stigma.

Residential Settings

People with disabilities who live in residential settings depend a lot on workers who care for their individual needs. Social workers play an important role in this because they help to coordinate services between the residence, the families, care providers, doctors, and community support staff.

Social workers are the glue that holds all of the silos together in a person’s life who needs additional support services. Whether you are working directly out of a family’s home or in a residential setting, Adelphi's MSW Program truly helps you to understand all the dynamics and challenges in a disabled person’s life, along with challenges that are presented to the family.

Community Outreach Programs

There is a stigma of fear that is present when it comes to the work disability. Regardless if you know if a person is disabled or not, finding work for people with disabilities to help them become integrated into the community and lead productive lives can be challenging. Social workers help to bridge the gap between the person and the community.

Finding volunteer opportunities, services and resources, and potential job opportunities that match a person’s ability takes patience and social networking. Social workers tend to be good at these things and enjoy seeing the growth that takes place for the individuals that they help to connect within the community. Without social workers, the stigma would be much worse, and the individuals would not have one point of contact that they could rely on to convey important information.

Day-Habs and Institutional Settings

Day rehabilitation programs and institutional settings like schools need social workers on-site to help with problems that could arise between clients, staff, and families. Everyone has several different staff members and caregivers that take part in their plan. The primary job of a social worker is to ensure that their client’s needs are being met and that all services are coordinating with one another.

Because these programs are just for part of the day, the social worker also works with the individual’s family and residence to ensure that there is proper communication and goal setting. Everything, from the diet to medications to social behaviors, needs to be considered when making decisions both in and out of an institutional setting, which requires a great amount of skill and knowledge that can be obtained from a solid master’s degree education.

There are several individuals that are meant to serve the under-served populations around the world. Individuals with handicapped conditions are just one of them.

Obtaining a Masters in Social Work is one of the best ways that an individual can gain the credentials necessary to help those who are in need of the most help.

They assist in the flow of communication, the development of the person, and the coordination of services. With millions of people seeking to lead productive lives, but many of them facing mental, physical and intellectual challenges that prohibit optimal performance, the role of social work plays a necessary role to help all human beings feel like they belong in society. 

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