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Softwheel – An Honest Review
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Softwheel – An Honest Review

I got my new wheelchair on March 16th, 2017. With this chair, I got an amazing new wheel called the Softwheel. It's made by a company in Israel and has built-in shock absorbers.

While waiting for my wheelchair, I tried to search online for reviews, but all I could find were reviews from the softwheels people. There were no honest, customer reviews that give the information you want and need. 

Myself using softwheels

My first impressions were that it was such a smoother roll that made it easier to push than my older spinergy wheels. Going over small bumps was nothing, and going down my ramp was really smooth with no bumping. Since then, I've been out in the dirt and on gravel. These are amazing wheels to use in gravel and in grass. I'm able to go out and about and I barely feel anything. Going over gravel has never been easier – I don't get stuck and it no longer feels like I'm driving over the bumpy bits of hell.

The wheels are lightweight and easy to haul around. They also have quick release axles which is always a plus. When going over curbs, I can feel the slight give in the wheels that signal they are doing their job!

There are a few cons though. These are high pressure tires and because of this, we had to buy a high pressure gauge and pump. These cost about $20 each. This is a minor complaint but something people should be aware of if they decide they want to try softwheels. Minimum psi is 80 and max 140.

One other small complaint? Sometimes when there is give from the pistons, there is a small click in the wheels. This isn't loud enough to be of concern or even a bother, but I'm trying to do an honest review, so this is something I feel the need to mention. For someone else, that noise might turn them off completely.

I will say that in a month of constant use my tires have only needed air added twice, which is pretty damn good. We check the tire pressure weekly and refill when needed.

So are they worth it? Definitely in my opinion! I love them and they have given me back so much ability to go where I want. Thank you softwheels!

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  1. StrawberrySmash
    I'm curious what happened with the pink power wheelchair. Did you have to get your insurance to pay for the Softwheels? I'm waiting to get my appointment with a geneticist For my official EDS Diagnoses. For now I have hyper-mobility syndrome. I've been using smart crutches and I love them. Still I can't stand or walk for very long without having excruciating pain. I have 30 minutes tops to do anything while standing. This soft-wheel looks really comfortable.
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    1. AnotherMissingLink
      What do you mean what happened with my pink power chair? I still use it. I just don't have accessible transportation to move it. I can only use it around my home and local. I paid for my softwheels out of pocket. I fund raised as insurance wouldn't cover any of my wheelchair.
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