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Spring Has Sprung: Making the Most of the Season
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Spring Has Sprung: Making the Most of the Season

The cold winter weather has all but departed, and many of us are enjoying the warm sun of spring. Seasonal allergies aside, great weather makes it easier to get out and participate with fewer risks of slippery sidewalks or snowbound driveways. When you’re ready to start making the most of your spring, keep these ideas in mind for fun in the sun before things start to get hot and beating the heat becomes more important than playing in the breeze.

Take a Hike

It may seem silly to some, but taking a hike is a great way to get to know your surroundings. With an app that simplifies finding wheelchair-friendly hiking routes year round loaded onto your smartphone, you can go out and see the natural wonders of your area or join up with walkers and runners for a leisurely trip. Bring along the dogs (the app also lets you check for pet-friendly walks) and make it a family excursion this spring. Just getting out of the house can work wonders, and this type of activity helps a lot when it comes to the feeling of missing out that winters can engender.

Stargazing and Campfires

If you don’t feel like going full-on active, how about a stargazing event with friends or family? Springtime is the best time for catching shooting stars and enjoying a moonlit evening on the lawn with only the radio, a few light blankets and the sounds of children, dogs or even the slight chatter of conversation providing all the stimulation anyone needs. If your yard doesn’t have a fire pit, you can pick up a portable model and avoid potential hazards. Even some aluminum decks are safe for portable fire pits, letting you enjoy campfires without worry.

Capturing Natural Beauty

Whether you prefer the simple beauty of spring during sun- or moonlit hours, try to capture the scene with more than just your memory. Bring along your favorite camera, some extra batteries, and a spare SD card. Or, try painting in the great outdoors, which is fun for all ages and gives you a chance to share time or expertise with others. What’s important is to create mementos that you can look back on when the heat of summer rises to less bearable levels or the chill winter winds blow next year.

Spring is the time when the world becomes active again, and it gives us plenty of reasons to join in. Get out there, tackle seated gardening or find the right way to enjoy this most excellent of seasons your own way while you can. When all else fails, open some windows and let the sunlight in. Those musty odors of winter retreat can’t wait to escape, and a light breeze full of floral scents is just waiting to waft you away to sweet dreams during a restful afternoon nap.

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  1. Wheelzup
    After being cooped up all winter there's nothing like getting out and doing a little springtime fishing. That is if you can find an area dry enough to take your chair on. No matter what you do remember to protect yourself against mosquitos and ticks.
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