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Standing Up and Being Heard (ADVOCACY)
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Standing Up and Being Heard (ADVOCACY)

Standing up and speaking out is a job we all need to do if there is something going on we don’t like or agree with. It is not only your right, but your duty.

You need to learn to be firm and make people listen. It is the only way to make change. If you just sit back and say "Someone will say something." Often, that's when one does. And in that way, nothing is going to change.

But if you speak up, and do what you can to create change, you might just be surprised at the outcome. On the off chance it doesn’t work out the first time, keep calling. Keep trying. Don’t throw up your hands and quit.

If it is a store you are having trouble with, call the store or general manager.

If it’s something legislative, call your senator, or mayor or governor. You can even write to congress. And keep doing it!

Just keep speaking up! The life you are changing could be your own!

I know this to be true. Recently, I called Wal-Mart and talked to the store manager about problems being faced at this particular location, and to my amazement, not only was he glad I had called, he also wanted me to come in and talk to him face to face! He may even have me come in and speak to his employees on how to be more sensitive to the needs of the disabled.


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