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Start an Accessible Gardening Project with Raised Beds
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Start an Accessible Gardening Project with Raised Beds

Some people believe that they have brown or even black thumbs. That is, whatever they plant won't grow because they just won't. In my experience as a part time gardener, this is simply hogwash. I grew up in one of the Philippine suburbs, grew up playing computer games and had a relatively sheltered life and didn't know a thing about plants. Now that I'm here, there's one thing I discovered. There's no such thing as a green, brown or black thumb. There's only science expressed in soil chemistry, persistence and hard work. Plants grow if you place them in ideal conditions for them.

Yesterday as I was trimming the grass, the idea for this blog post came about. I was trying to imagine how folks who use wheelchairs could start a project such as gardening. Now you may be asking me, why? Why start a project about gardening for wheelchair bound folks? Why start something that would be difficult to do? 

And I figured that yes, that question is exactly the answer. 

To be sure, there could be many ways how this could be done easier and the projects could be limited and tailored for somebody's needs. Being close to nature has its benefits and what better way to do so than by learning how to cultivate and learning how to nurture another life form. Whether it's a flower, a fruit bearing plant or just any plant that grows on the soil, the rewards for starting a project like this could be good for the soul, the mind and the body. 

For wheelchair bound folks and those who cannot make use of their legs, the solution comes in raised beds or tables. The ideal way to start the project is to start with a hardy plant that is abundant in the area. Gardening is like school and choosing the plant to grow is like choosing the right books that you would read. You have to start with the easiest one to grow and for good reason. Choosing the easiest plant to cultivate would ensure that you would get enough confidence to continue with the project. Later on, as you gain more confidence and strength you could proceed to choosing more difficult to grow plants and orchids. 

It's important to realize that this is a team project. So it's best to assign tasks based on the capabilities of each individual. 

I hope you have fun with your project!



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  1. pftsusan
    Thank you for sharing. This is a good idea. Anyone can build a raised table for gardening. Voted.
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    1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Thank you Susan. I've been gardening a lot lately, though I'm not exactly good at it.
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  2. Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Daniel Andrei Garcia
    I'd like to add: for those of you who like plants, here's my work. It's nothing spectacular but we've worked really hard for these:
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