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Staying Light on Your Wheelchair
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Staying Light on Your Wheelchair

Whether it’s been since birth or happened later, the confinement to a wheelchair may leave any person upset, depressed and heavy.

Especially for those who had never priviously been in a wheelchair, when suddenly they are subjected to it, because of an accident, the speedy rise in their weight becomes a jolting cause of concern. The reason often being, that they carry on with the same eating habits as before, without realizing that now things have really changed for them, and their body doesn’t utilize all of the energy it once did.

They go on munching on their favorite snacks, sitting, only to get uncontrollably bigger size and experience numerous problems because of that. At a certain stage, the condition becomes seemingly irreversible. To not get trapped in such a condition, one should consider the initial weight-gain as an indication toward a wake-up call. They should start considering healthier forms of food, that are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. This accompanies well a higher intake of water, which will prevent constipatation due to the high fiber foods, while keeping bowel movements smooth and regular. To be more proactive and sure about their diet, the individual should consult a good dietician, who could help plan their diet in a better way.

Along with a balanced diet, one can also exercise his or her way to being light while on wheels. This may sound a bit weird but it's true!

Exercising does not mean just few of aerobic strokes and stretches or strong push-ups. Exercises can also be done while sitting on the wheelchair, like weight-lifting for the arms, and other upper body exercises, which help burn lots of carbs while strengthening the body. If possible, with guidance, they can also indulge in sports activities. This will help keep the body fit and elevate the spirits, keeping you from depression, which can be another major factor behind weight gain.

Yes, depression may also cause weight gain, for it reduces the pace of general metabolism functions of the body. It is very possible for a wheelchair-bound person to slide into depression, therefore he or she should make sure they avoids it by actively and routinely exercising.

Enjoying frequent outings where you can spend quality time being close to nature. This helps a great deal. Nature plays a very strong role in our emotions, keeping the mind and spirit more stable. One can also go for meditation and regular counseling sessions.

Staying happily light in your wheelchair really matters, as it helps you keep "rolling Without Limits".

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  1. Jay
    This blog is very informative about maintaining a good lifestyle on wheelchair. nice one
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  2. Moni
    Good info shabs
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    Very valid information here. Thanks Shabs. This is a general tendency of gaining weight unknowingly that active lifestyle is no longer possible. But yes, there are ways. Thanks for bringing them up.
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  4. Ann
    very informative blog shabs.
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  5. pftsusan
    Great blog. With permission from their medical team, people with wheel chairs can hire a certified and insured personal trainer, such in myself too, and go to a public go to workout as well. If they are unable to handle the gym, I do the home workouts as well. There are a lot of exercises that I can give them to do in the chair. Plus I would help them with their diet, nutrition and calorie count. I will take them shopping for all the right stuff. Many certified and insured personal trainers will do this for clients in wheelchairs. If you read my exercise blog, the thing is a lot of the gyms in this country are still ran by the grandfather laws. "Older than 1977, they don't have to be come handicapped equipped". For the ones who have to follow state and ada handicapped laws, there are those with wheelchairs, working out there.
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  6. Winnie
    It is very vital for those on wheelchair to keep a check on their weight which they hardly do. I had an aunt who grew very fat after she had to be on wheelchair. I can relate this blog with her. She developed more health problems thereafter. This is a very appropriate blog for such people. I thank you for raising this subject you get my vote.
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  7. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Great blog, you are so right. I discovered all this myself when I was in a wheelchair for a few months following an accident (although actually I LOST a lot of weight, which I was really pleased about! I think it was because I had no appetite at the time. Sadly I have put that weight back on since!)
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  8. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    Voted, Great Blog!
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  9. SignLanguage
    There are quite a lot of sports available for wheelchair users. they can even try for the paralympics, if they want! Voted! When you have the chance, come read my new post, Wheelchairs for All.
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  10. mary
    Great Article but it isn't just the wheeling newbies who need to be careful. When I went to a power chair I blew up. It's Hard anyway but it gets harder when u don't think. my ah ha was when I over heard a sales rep say order the next size up the way she lives she'll need it soon
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