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Stepping Out  With Confidence
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Stepping Out With Confidence

How many times do we think "I can do this," when in truth we can't, at least not the same way or in the same amount of time it took us before? Sometimes the problem lies in our disability, and other times it is just the fact that there are not enough hours in a day to finish the projects we planned and committed ourselves to doing.

It's easy to think about how fast we are, particularly when blogging, and that stories and memories will just roll out of our heads, making to write good quality articles, for example. And so we do it. Off we go, across the world wide web, signing up and joining in on blogs and forums, confident we can do it all.

The first day, we think well sure it was hard, after all these are new sites and I have to figure out how they work, and get to know other people within the blogging community, and kind of feel my way around. So what if it took three hours to do one forum, a total of five posts?  After all, I'm a newbie. On to the next site.

Another forum. I'm getting good at this, just breezing through, no big deal. I think my fingers are flying over the keys. This is simple, I tell myself, I can do this. I look at the clock and am surprized to see another three hours have slipped away. I only did five posts.

Finally, I've arrived at the last forum of the day, then I will be free to blog. The day is almost over and my mind is tired, and my fingers seem to constantly hit the wrong keys. I am a bit off my game, but hey, it is only five posts. I can do this.

As I am typing, an alert shows up in my messages. I finish my first post and slide over to my message box. The alert tells me my posts are not up to par, they must be much longer. I sit looking at the clock, seeing time ebbing away, and yet I have four more posts to make. My tired mind begins to doubt my ability to get the job done. What if I can't do this?, I ask myself.

Not being a quiter, I plunge back into my writing, trying to stretch my words into longer meanings, to make the paragraphes bigger and longer with more creative words and links that lead to pictures and better explain the meanings my posts. Three hours later, I finish. I beat the midnight deadline by fifteen minutes, or did I?

I check my emails and wonder why the notices from two forum sites have not arrived, so know I have completed all posts needed. I go back to the first websites to recount my posts and can only find three. I am baffled. I know I counted right, for a sheet of paper before me has the four lines and one across, to mark five posts per forum.

I sign in to one, thinking I will count again. There is a message waiting for me. Taking a deep breath I let out a sigh, and click it hoping against hope I did everything right. I bite my lip as I read the message. "Your posts are not long enough. The content is not as promised when you signed up, and we deleted the ones that were not good enough."

I sat in silence, totally depressed. I had just wasted three hours writing informative articles to be told they were not good enough. Without five posts I would receive no pay for that site that day. I was mad and ready to quit.

Thoughout the night, I worked it over in my head, positive I would quit that one the next day. It was too hard and they didn't like me there. I could not do it. I was in total misery and a failure, and it had only been my first day.

By the next morning I decided to give it another shot. I would do that one first and make the stories longer and write about very interesting things that happened and make it work whether they liked me or not. I would do this.

Researching the web I found good content to back up my stories. I found newspaper articles and details that would work for each of my posts. I planned out a different story for each post and set to work at a slow but steady pace. The time it took was still three hours but I received no alerts and a notice arrived clearing me for the day. I could do this, and each forum went like clockwork until at days end I was done.

And so I learned that forum writing is like blog writing, it must be thought out and researched, and time allowed to get the job done. But this story is not about the jobs, it is about my confidence in myself and my ability to take rejection and make it work for me and not against me. Did I take on to much work? Probably. Could I do the work?  Yes! If I tried harder.  Was I willing to quit because the work was harder than I thought? No! Why not?  Because if I quit because it was hard, I would never have the confidence needed to try again, and that would be my loss, not theirs.

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  1. SignLanguage
    These places need such specific things! I agree. You need to be willing to do it right, that's for sure. Voted! When you have the chance, stop by my new post, The Roots of Sign Languages, and vote if you like it.
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  2. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Wow! Nice blog there. I quite agree on this thought. I need to do some more work myself on the content related articles. I am going to be dong just that, and will re-post them on all the sites. I will vote. Take care.
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  3. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. You are so right, it takes time, effort and research, it' s not easy like some people may think it is! Well done for your tenacity anyway. You might be interested in my latest blog, A Brief History of Stephen Hawking, come check it out and please vote if you like it. :-)
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  4. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    Voted, great blog
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