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Steve Hallet Learned to Walk Again Despite All Odds
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Steve Hallet Learned to Walk Again Despite All Odds

Steve Hallet was 52 years old when the life endangering decompression sickness got to him. Steve had been a regular diver and had gone deeper than 50 meters on many occasions. But on this fateful day, Steve stayed at the depth of 50 meters for no more than a couple of minutes and started feeling uneasy from the moment he resurfaced. It began with him sensing a backache, which intensified by the minute, accompanied with him getting really sick. He also started losing feeling from the waist down and realized almost immediately that he had "the bends," a symptom caused by nitrogen forming bubbles in the bloodstream.

Upon understanding the gravity of this situation, his friend Tom McCrickerd took charge. He put Steve on 100 percent oxygen supply from the oxygen kit he always kept at hand. He then rushed him straight to the Wirral hospital site, which had the Spire Murrayfield Hospital and the North West Emergency Recompression Chamber.

With his life at hand, doctors immediately made Steve undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy inside the recompression chamber. It was this prompt action that saved Steve’s life.

After stabilizing his condition, it was found that Steve had lost the ability to use his legs fully. But doctors believed that he could make a full recovery with the appropriate treatment. Clinging on that little ray of hope, Steve put everything aside and focused solely on getting better. He underwent weeks of intensive physiotherapy. Physiotherapy manager Christopher Buckley along with therapist Gary Powelland took responsibility of Steve and started him on the road to recovery.

Initially, Steve spent his time at Arrow Park hospital where the first signs of recovery started showing. His legs had started indicating slight movements. He then moved back to Spire Murrayfield hospital and underwent physiotherapy under Christopher Buckley and his team. He did a lot of exercise for walking and balance by attending therapy sessions two times a day.

Steve started making quick progress with his immense determination and will power to get better. He was walking on sticks by the time he left Murrayfield. Buckley noted that Steve had made immense progress in his two-month stay at the hospital and absolutely gushed with praise about Steve's optimistic and determined outlook.

Steve has now gained full use of his legs but says he has officially retired from scuba diving. He was a very passionate Scuba Diver but the chances of him being afflicted with decompression sickness again are quite high. Even though he misses it a lot, he says he is quite content with being part of a team on a boat of divers and is extremely grateful to the team at Spire Murrayfield for all that they did for him.

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