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Stolen Wheelchair Replaced Through the Internet
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Stolen Wheelchair Replaced Through the Internet

Almost everyone today uses the internet. There, people get to know what is happening around the world. Also, through the internet, many can give help and show kindness to others. Like what a certain young man experienced.

Dominic Hyams never leaves home without his highly-specialized wheelchair. To him, it is part of his life and it serves him well. Dominic was born with brittle bone disease, also known as severe Osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital bone disorder that results in fragile bones that break easily.

Using his specialized mobility device, Dominic commutes daily for work and lives an independent life. He considers his wheelchair as his mechanical companion.

But just recently, something unfortunate happened. While Dominic was staying over at a friend’s house in Stoke Newington, his precious wheelchair was stolen.

According to Dominic, at the day of the incident, he was getting ready for work. His friend carried him downstairs so that he can get on the wheelchair and catch the bus. To his surprise, the wheelchair was nowhere to be found. To him, he felt he lost half of him.

He reported the incident to the police but the investigation couldn't advance because there were no witnesses. Dominic, sad and fearful, was thinking that the wheelchair’s insurance policy would be invalid because he left the device outside the house. To add to his distress, he found out that the company that manufactures the specialized wheelchair (which costs $17,500) no longer creates that particular model.

Not knowing what to do, Dominic felt discouraged. But then his sister Holly Hyams brightly suggested about setting up a crowdfunding page using GoFundMe, a popular crowdfunding and fundraising website. Dominic thought that it’s a brilliant idea and it might really help him get a new wheelchair. So his sister created a page for the campaign and he hoped that through the internet he can get at least $1,000.

To his surprise, before the day ended, a generous amount of $26,252 was raised. He could not believe how the internet was able to help him. He also marveled at the generosity of other people.

Dominic is very grateful and amazed as to how the internet could do such thing, and to the people who donated as well. Though it will take time for his new chair to be created, since it needs to be designed and customized to meet to his needs, he is very excited about it. In the meantime, a certain company lent him a specialized wheelchair so that he can go to his work and continue with his daily life.

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