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Subsidies for Uber for Wheelchair Accessibility
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Subsidies for Uber for Wheelchair Accessibility

While many people will tell you that the continuous growth of technology is causing more harm than good, it is hard to ignore all the good it is actually doing. Thanks to technological advancements, the world has gone mobile. This means that almost everything that drives one’s daily life can be taken care of remotely.

Our dependency on mobile technology has led to the automation of multiple services. For example, something as seemingly simple as hailing a cab has also been made automated. You don’t have to stand on the road waiting for a cab to turn up when you have to get to an important meeting.

Cab Hailing Made Easy

Uber is one of the biggest cab hailing services in the world today that have made it possible for people to order a cab from their smartphones. The whole process is automated, allowing people to use their smartphones or computers to order a car. Other companies, like Lyft, are also offering similar services and all these companies are trying to take this idea to a global scale.

Not a Sunny Picture for People with Disabilities

In order for services like Uber to grow further, they need to work with the government for subsidies that allow wheelchair users to travel easily as well. There are incidents every day where cab drivers don’t offer their services to people in wheelchairs, or people who are disabled otherwise. Wheelchair users cannot get so easily into normal cabs, so larger vans are preferred. However, the drivers of such vans sometimes try to find passengers that have a lot of luggage rather than those who are in wheelchairs.

This is where services like Uber come in. They need to ask the government for subsidies so as to incorporate wheelchair accessibility into their vehicles. This will not only allow wheelchair users to easily order a cab from their phones but will also provide them with a reliable and comfortable way to travel.

Differently-Abled People Already Using Uber

Many people around the world who suffer from mental issues like Cerebral Palsy have been very satisfied with services like Uber. This is because most independent cabbies would not wait for such customers, or would think that they are drunk and not give them a ride. Uber has changed all that, thanks to its well-trained drivers and a commitment to serve all its customers.

Matthew Denman, who is the general manager of Uber in Victoria, recently said that Uber was looking into working with the state government to help make their services more accessible.

Cab services like Uber have really made a difference in how people commute from one place to another. It’s not only the ease of ordering the cab that makes Uber great, but also the level of comfort and quality that is provided. If Uber can make its services more accessible for wheelchair users by getting subsidies from the government, it is sure to gain even more traction around the world.

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  1. Hotwheels49
    Dreamer I have thought about purchasing a wheelchair accessible van just for the purpose of becoming a Uber for wheelchair users such as myself who often find myself stranded without transportation such as a cab. Uber or Lyft I would not be able to do the driving myself because of my newly acquired seizure disorder but I know many people who have offered to help me get a business up and running for the disabled and elderly. You just gave me confirmation for the need. Thanks for the post.
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