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Sue Austin Inspires
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Sue Austin Inspires

To what extent can someone rise when they are limited to using a wheelchair? They can run a race, perhaps? Or they can perhaps play basketball? No… there is much more that can be done when someone is in a wheelchair. Sue Austin performs underwater ballet on her wheelchair. If you want to know someone that really inspires, she is one person that you should look at.

Sue started using a wheelchair way back in 1996 when her illness affected her mobility. From using a manual wheelchair, she graduated to using an electric wheelchair and she instantly felt a new sense of exhilaration. She felt mobile again as she now sped through streets and roads, feeling the free spirit in her rise again. However, she also felt a lot of negativity around her that she says came from people that have negative perceptions about people using wheelchairs.

But she learned not to be bothered about the negativity and in 2005, started training as a differently abled diver. Then this great idea came to her mind – why not combine scuba diving equipment and her wheelchair and enjoy a double dose of adventure and freedom?

This idea from Sue Austin definitely stirred some interests and in 2010 she got funding from the Arts Council England. She started performing acrobatic acts underwater and some powerful and awe inspiring images were created. She can now perform magical acrobatic maneuvers under the water. So graceful is she that her movements are considered akin to ballet movements. An act like this always inspires and Sue now has a long line of sponsors waiting to endorse her. Sue has her shows conducted all across the globe and she has acquired celebrity status in some parts of the world.

What does Sue’s story tell us? It clearly tells us that we shouldn’t be bothered about perceptions. Perceptions are, more often than not, wrong and if we were to be bothered about what people think, we wouldn’t achieve anything in life. Everyone has some or the other perception about everyone else. But should that bother us? If it does, then we have issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Being differently abled is not someone’s mistake. It’s the way some people are. Unfortunately, the society is still coming to terms with cohabiting with people that are not, as many say, normal. However, when we hear about people like Sue, we can rather plainly see that some differently abled people are able to achieve more in life than what we (the so called normal people) do. So, who should feel superior here? This is a big question to answer.Sue Austin is only one example of what one can achieve even when they are tied to their wheelchair. She inspires many people worldwide and now, more and more people reach out to her because they also want to prove something like she has. If you want to achieve something special in life, Sue is someone you should always look up to. Rest assured, you shall be successful in what you do.

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  1. DanielCerritos
    She is indeed inspiring. My friend that works at, read this and she is actually doing extra to reach her goal!
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