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Support This Dad

Despite his condition, he never stopped living his life and doing the things he loves to do. That is why his daughter and his wife are trying to raise money to buy him a special wheelchair that will help him live his life more easily. So help support this dad, will you?

Steve Ebersole was a top sports enthusiast in Palmyra Area High School. He was known to be a great player in baseball, football, and wrestling. He was even a hall of famer.

Steve has an active lifestyle and he just does not stay at home and watch television. He loves the outdoors and oftentimes he goes out with his friends hunting. He is also a good guy; he enjoys helping others.

Twelve years ago, Steve had a bad accident during a hunting trip to Fort Indiantown Gap. He fell 25 feet while trying to get into a tall tree stand and he was badly injured. He broke his back and he was paralyzed from the waist down.

Today, he is living and moving around with his wheelchair. Though his condition rendered him unable to walk and do things the way he did before the accident, Steve remained active and hopeful. He still goes out in the woods and has some hunting trips with his friend.

But his physical disability along with the standard wheelchair he is using causes a lot of inconveniences. According to Steve, he has a hard time moving into the woods because his wheelchair is not designed for huge bumps and uneven paths in the woods. Steve’s hunting pal would even have to clear out the way for him to get through.

There are a lot of struggles and challenges Steve went through when he continued hunting. There were already limitations of what he can do. But not long ago, Steve came home enthusiastic and hopeful. He handed his family a pamphlet that featured a special kind of wheelchair known as the Action Trackchair. The equipment is created with treads instead of wheels and is designed for slogging through swamps and even fording small streams. It is also capable of opening up fields and forests for off-roading.

To Steve, the Trackchair is the perfect wheelchair for him. It will be great for his hunting trips and it will also help him do simple chores such as shoveling snow from their front path. It will give him unbelievable mobility and unbelievable independence.

Seeing Steve excited and happy about the equipment he just discovered, his family knew that this is something that will bring back some of his  freedom and independence. Unfortunately, the price of the Action Trackchair is something that his family cannot afford. It costs a jaw-dropping $20,000.

So his daughter Chelsea and wife Christine decided to try to raise funds to help Steve purchase the Trackchair. They did the fundraising through a crowdfunding website known as the, which allows people to raise money for various purposes.

Chelsea began fundraising in the website a couple of weeks ago and fortunately it took off. After 13 days, the Ebersoles have already raised $5,500 from 80 people.

Steve’s excitement and need for this special wheelchair is great. It should be something that will touch your heart and give some to help this wonderful man continue his hunting trips and live his life conveniently. So, support this dad, will you?

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