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Supporters Help Make College Star’s Life Easier
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Supporters Help Make College Star’s Life Easier

Sporting events are one of the biggest sources of entertainment for millions of people around the globe. From relatively calmer events like tennis and badminton to high-intensity ones like football, sports are enjoyed by countless fans every day.

But while it is easy to sit on the other side and enjoy the adrenaline-filled sports on TV, we cannot truly imagine the work sportspeople have to put into their careers. However, one thing that everyone agrees upon is that sports, whether played at a professional level or in college, can cause some major injuries to the players. While supporters of such players can help make their lives easier, many sportspeople can lose their whole careers as a result of their injury.

From Temporary to Permanent

Sportspeople face the risk of sustaining many kinds of injury in their careers. Many of these are temporary and may resolve themselves after some time, but some can be potentially career-ending. A torn ACL is all too common among football players, requiring 8 to 12 months of recovery time. Concussions are also very common and can cause severe issues if not diagnosed correctly. Other injuries, like broken limbs, can be devastating for sportspeople, as these can cause them to stay in bed for a very long time before they can play again, if at all.

But perhaps the most serious injury one can sustain on the playing field is fracturing one’s vertebrae. More often than not, this injury has led to an end to the careers of those who have suffered from it.

Times like these are when communities come together to help their idols as much as they can. Such a story comes from Stony Point, New York, where supporters have helped make life easier for a college football star, Jasiel Favors.

A Sudden Accident

On September 2nd of last year, Jasiel Favors was unfortunate enough to hit another player head-to-head on the football field. After the collision, Jasiel couldn’t move and he knew what had happened. Life changed in an instant for the star. He broke three vertebrae and lost control over his body from the neck down. However, the 16-year-old didn’t give up his bright personality and vowed to be able to walk again. He can now move his hands and his head by himself, and is very proud of his progress.

Unflinching Support

Even with his positive take on the situation, the reality was that the change wasn’t easy for him and his family. Jasiel’s mother, Debra, says that it was very hard to get Jasiel into the car to drive him to the doctor. It was not possible for the family to buy a wheelchair-accessible van by themselves, so Jasiel’s friends decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to help him out.

Supporters and community members rallied to help make life easier for the college star, and Jasiel finally got the wheelchair-accessible van that he sorely needed. Jasiel says that he feels very good in knowing that he has people rooting for him and supporting him through his injury. Even with the severity of his injury, Jasiel is committed to work as hard as he can to walk again and have a normal life, and we certainly hope that he is able to do so.

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