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TLC's The Little Couple Teaches Resiliency Through Disability on Upcoming Season
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TLC's The Little Couple Teaches Resiliency Through Disability on Upcoming Season

Since 2009 Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have been sharing their lives as a married couple on TLC’s the Little Couple. They have taken audiences through the ups and downs of their careers (Bill is a business owner and Jen is a pediatrician) and followed them from the first moments of their wedding to becoming home owners and customizing their living space, transforming it into their dream home.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the little couple, one that pulls audiences in season after season, that differentiates them from other reality show couples, is their disability. Both Bill and Jen have dwarfism, which is a central theme in each episode. Despite their disability, the little couple has powered through life, achieving their goals, getting married and now starting their family.

In past seasons we have seen Bill and Jen struggle with fertility issues and navigating the right path for starting their family. After heartbreaking attempts to achieve a pregnancy via surrogacy, the couple pursued international adoption and recently brought home their son, Will, from China. Will was 3 years old when he was adopted and also has a form of dwarfism.

In the new upcoming season, premiering March 4, the audience will again be invited in to witness the little couple continue to expand their family as they bring home their adopted daughter, Zoey, from India. Zoey, like her brother Will, and her parents also has dwarfism. This new season will also highlight a struggle facing the family when Jen receives a cancer diagnosis and the cameras follow her road to recovery and treatment.

One theme that the little couple never fails to keep at the forefront of any adventure they face, is the ability to overcome any challenge, despite their disability. Season after season, Bill and Jen show us that it is possible to overcome adversity. Whether facing a fertility struggle, navigating the adoption process, buying a home, fighting for their health or overcoming day to day struggles as a little person, Jen and Bill have demonstrated what the power of staying positive can do. By using The Little Couple as an avenue to spread awareness of the disability community, Jen, Bill, Will and Zoey are truly advocates for disabled families everywhere. Surely their upcoming season will be no different. Be sure to catch their new episodes beginning March 4.

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