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Tact, Finding Time
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Tact, Finding Time

Time is one of the most important elements in life. Sometimes one has so many responsibilities in a day, but with little time to complete it. One of the oldest ways of keeping track of time is by having a wrist watch with you, as you go about your day to day activities. Even in the modern days, watches are still important gadgets in the everyday life. To some it’s a way of keeping track of time or to others just cringing on to an old habit. It’s for these very reasons that tactic watches are available for those who are visually impaired.

The old vs. the new

The old

Tact watches are equipped with a unique mechanism which helps the owner to tell time by touching. This mechanism makes the watch to be referred by some as the ‘watch for the blind’. The earlier tact system was designed with a pointer, as the hour hand, and studs aligned with the hours on the outer side of the case.

One would tell the time by touching the pointer and stud directly near the pointer. A good example of an old model of tact watch is one designed by Bruguet and made available for sale from 1799. Its design was kept simple and was mostly found in not very appealing watches.

The new

Today, unlike in the old days, the visually impaired are well accepted in the community, educated. Like everybody else, they too have a class and keep in touch with what’s trending and what’s not. The modern day watches designed for the blind uses sensors to tell time, replacing the pointers in the old design.

Julien Bergignats is one of a well renowned watch designer who has seen the need to integrate the visually impaired to the outside world. By incorporating the use of Braille in the ‘Tact’ watch design, as tactile landmarks, it’s now easy to touch and tell time with little or no drama at all.

  • Quality

The new tact watch is of high quality and makes life easy for the visually impaired. Unlike some old watches which only indicated the hour, the new tact watch indicates both hours and minutes. It has two circles, the central circle indicates hours, with a higher sensory point than the secondary circle which indicates the minutes. The design is innovative and made of water resistant material.

  • Usability 

The visually impaired will find the watch to be user friendly. The word ‘Time’ inscribed in Braille on the service helps to indicate the direction of reading and thus, saves the reader time when telling time.

Every consumer should get the worth of every dollar spent on a product or service, whether physically fit or challenged. The old tact design may not be of the highest quality as it was confined to non-striking simple watches. But the new innovative design comes in smart watches which are more appealing and promising to make life easier for the users. The Julien Bergignats tact design sets the benchmark for future watch designs meant for the visually impaired. With this tact watch, finding time has never been easier.

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