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Take the Wheelchair Challenge
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Take the Wheelchair Challenge

Would you like to join a sports event? If yes, then that’s great! How about a sports event that will help support wheelchair users? If that’s a yes again, then that’s wonderful! It would be awesome to take part in the wheelchair challenge.

It all started with a group of people whose desire was to help support paralympians at the campus of the University of Bedfordshire in 2012. This year, this same group of people is making a new appeal.

Howard Darbon, Sport Bedford president, led his friends including David Whitehead and his wife Mary in helping host the 2012 Paralympics. They supported and gave the needed assistance to the paralympians at the pre-games camp. The camp was conducted at the University of Bedforshire’s Polhill Road Sports campus.

According to Mary, the 2012 Paralympics did so much in raising awareness regarding adaptive sports. The event delivered a wonderful showcase of elite sport as well as it inspired and motivated a generation. She further stated that she and her team who helped in the 2012 Games wanted to make sure that the legacy lives on and that the momentum will continue, so they staged a project called the Wheelchair Challenge in October the same year.

As of today, Mary and the team already hosted three events. They were able to raise a staggering amount of over £14,000. The money collected during the events was given to the following organizations and charities:

  • WheelPower It is a foundation passionate about sports and dedicated to offering and giving opportunities for individuals to live active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Sport Bedford – The organization acts as an advisory body to the Council when it comes to local sporting issues. It is a recognized community sports network and has established its own set of local active plan.
  • Herts Sport and Wellbeing Foundation – Established in 2003, it is an organization that partners with a lot of sectors to promote healthy wellbeing and active lifestyles. The team and their staff are passionate and committed in encouraging people to be more active more often by engaging in sports.

This year, it’s the fourth time that the Rotary Wheelchair Challenge will be conducted. Scheduled on October 11, the team behind this event is inviting people to join. The games will need 30 teams with four members. The members can be of all ages and any ability.

It will be a fun event. And it will be a wonderful opportunity to help, make new friends, and become active and healthy.

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