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Taking that E.D.G.E.
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Taking that E.D.G.E.

With today’s technological advancements, it is no surprise to see different innovations of the wheelchair. Nowadays, experts try to revolutionize the present types of wheelchairs so that patients who are using the equipment will no longer have a hard time standing or going to other places. Just recently a new wheelchair concept is proposed and it is known as the E.D.G.E.

For decades, wheelchairs have greatly served the people who have physical disabilities and limitations. These devices have helped thousands who are physically impaired to have a little independence. As scientists and experts see the usefulness of wheelchairs they tried even more to make improvements and enhancements to the equipment.

Designer Tim Leeding is one of the many engineers who thought of a creative way to innovate and transform wheelchairs. He made changes to a typical wheelchair wherein he designed the equipment to help users stand easily.

The wheelchair project is called as the “Leeding E.D.G.E.” wherein the mechanical device is wittingly created to have the ability to make its users stand without the help of somebody else. Patients who would be using the Leeding E.D.G.E. will be able to go to other places with no one pushing the wheelchair and can even stand up on their own while roaming around.

Leeding proposed the wheelchair project with the thought of helping patients gain a little independence. He desired that people with physical limitations experience something more than just sitting and waiting for someone to push the wheelchair for them to go somewhere else. He wanted those physically impaired patients to have a better look at the world and experience other things beyond their condition, which is why he was inspired to create the Leeding E.D.G.E.

The wheelchair he designed has features that are not seen in a typical wheelchair. He incorporated easy drive handles that have different gearing options. This feature promotes accessibility and helps combat shoulder injuries that were generally experienced or caused by traditional wheelchairs or conventional wheeling techniques and methods.

The handles in the Leeding E.D.G.E. are capable of elevating the user in just a few seconds and increasing the patient’s reach capabilities. The different gearing options incorporated in the handles include the following

  • 2:1 drive
  • 1:1 drive
  • reverse gear
  • neutral gear

Leeding expertly designed it with the characteristic to alleviate pressure sores or pressure ulcers that are caused by prolong sitting. That is why he made the wheelchair capable of helping the users to stand whenever they wanted to or whenever they felt pressure on their butts due to sitting down for long periods of time.

The wheelchair concept allows the users several personalization options to ensure that their wheelchair becomes an outward expression of their character or personality. This makes this wheelchair project exceptional because it considers the users feelings and emotions, and hopes to understand their condition.

Leeding aims to make his wheelchair project a great way to help those who have been on wheelchairs for most of their lives in order for them to explore places around them. He wanted these people to live better lives through the Leeding E.D.G.E.


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