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Technologies to Adopt for Superior Assitive Home Care
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Technologies to Adopt for Superior Assitive Home Care

Having a disability or being of elderly age is not disabling – they are enabling. These days, there are dozens of new wheelchair and homecare technologies that enable you to live life to the fullest and in comfort. With the advanced assistive devices, getting around the home, performing daily tasks, and enjoy from activities is extremely easy. In addition to increased capabilities, advanced technologies have also become safer and more convenient to use. To put these successful advances into perspective, below is exactly how wheelchairs and other home care technologies are making life easier for the disabled and elderly.

Wheelchair Technologies for Home Care

When it comes to wheel chair technology, it has greatly advanced from the traditional seat and two manual wheels. These days, wheelchair technology provides unprecedented accessibility, comfort, and maneuvering to disabled and elderly individuals in home care.

Power Wheelchairs

One of the main advantages of power wheelchair technology is that it is extremely customizable. According to Livestrong, the power wheelchairs can incorporate customized seating for individuals that require positioning devices for stability and trunk control. Furthermore, the power wheelchairs can be tilted and reclined for optimal comfort while maneuvering throughout the home.

According to Disabled World, aside from the customizable seating and recline feature, power wheelchairs also have evolved to include highly sophisticated operation technology. To maneuver the wheelchair through the home, all that is needed is to swivel the joystick in the desired direction. The more advanced versions are also able to climb up the stairs and provide access to high shelves.

Lastly, power wheelchairs have become so useful that some companies are even turning them into power scooters for increased mobility. Rio Firefly is one of those companies that has transformed the power wheelchair into a scooter. This enables disabled and elderly to spend more quality time with friends and family and venture out of the home more easily.

The Comfort of a Quality Bed

There are many ways to gain outstanding comfort in your own home as an elderly or disabled individual. One of those ways is to utilize special hospital beds for home use that are typically found in-home care facilities. These beds are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that you gain the comfort and assistive care that you need.

The most popular feature that ensures comfort is the divided side protections that close easily. These protective features on the side of the bed ensure that you remain safely within the bed, even as you gain a good night's rest.

In addition to the side protection of the bed, there are also mobility features that provide many practical advantages. The recline of the bed can be adjusted to your comfort level and needs, the bed itself can be mobilized so that you are in the room of your choice, and the position of the bed makes it easy to transfer from the bed to your wheelchair. There even heavy-duty bariatric beds to help patients of all sizes find comfort.

There are many advantages to be gained from using a nursing home bed. For instance, users have seen an increase in comfort, a reduction in back pain, and better sleep throughout the night. Each of these factors leads to better overall health and increased quality of life.

Health Monitors – Watching Your Health

Lastly, another extremely beneficial assistive home care technology are health monitors. These are devices that can be worn conveniently on your wrist while you are in your wheelchair or in your bed. The beauty of these devices is that they are extremely easy and convenient. As you wear it on your wrist, the device constantly measures your pulse, skin temperature, and movements. Eventually, the constant monitoring assesses patterns in your health. If your health happens to deviate from this patter, the health monitor sets off an alarm indicating that there is an issue. This not only helps you keep track of your own health and seek treatment when needed, but it also allows loved ones to know when you need care. These health monitors are superior at tracking fatigue, fainting, blackouts, and other health issues.


There is nothing more reassuring than utilizing the right home care solutions. Using advanced motorized wheelchairs, quality and comfortable beds, and health monitors are all ways of which you can protect yourself and live a happy and full life. These technologies enable you to spring out of the difficulties of disability and gain the freedom that you need.

Image credit: Image courtesy of Acute Healthcare

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