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Teen Writer Gifts Her Book to the Pope
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Teen Writer Gifts Her Book to the Pope

The human spirit allows one to achieve goals, we once thought were impossible. This becomes evident when we hear stories of people who overcame very difficult odds to make a name for themselves in this world.

People with mental or physical disabilities may not always find it easy to maintain a healthy spirit. However, there are those that rise above the rest and do things that put everyone in a state of awe. One such writer, Veronica Cantero Burroni, recently got the chance to meet the Pope and give him the book that she wrote.

A Challenging Life through the Eyes of A Young Writer

Veronica belongs to the Argentinian city of Campana. She has not had an easy life. Due to a complication during birth, her motor skills were affected. Today, she is a 13-year-old fiction writer who has quadriplegia.

An epitome of human spirit and drive, Veronica started writing when she was only eight years old. She has written and published five books since then, and shows no signs of stopping.

Meeting her Inspiration in the Flesh

The teen writer got a chance to give her book, The Shadows Thief, to the Pope when she visited Naples to be awarded the Elsa Morante Award. Winning the prestigious award at such a young age is nothing short of amazing, making Veronica an inspiration for many people around the world.

After receiving her award, she decided to take a trip to St. Peter’s Square on a Wednesday to see the Pope. The Pope takes some time to meet the elderly and the disabled people attending the ceremony on every Wednesday. These members of the audience, dubbed the ‘VIP guests’, are located to one side of the stage.

Upon meeting the Pope, Veronica presented him with her new book. She told him that he had taught her to see with her eyes of the glass, not just with her eyes of the flesh. This statement of Veronica’s refers to something the Pope had said a year ago when he visited Cuba. He had said that human beings have two sets of eyes. One of these is made of flesh and is used to see the physical world around us, while the other one is made of glass and it helps us see our dreams.

Veronica told the Pope that he had taught her to see her dreams, and that she was living her dream now. The two embraced, and the Pope told her that he knew she was a good writer.

Veronica Cantero Burroni is a true inspiration for people with diagnoses like quadriplegia. She has overcome all odds and has become a published teen writer who had the chance to give her book to the Pope. She is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, proving that human beings can achieve whatever they set their mind to, no matter what difficulties lie in their paths.

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