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Teen Raising Money for Standing Wheelchair
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Teen Raising Money for Standing Wheelchair

Life took a tragic turn for Bradley Gignac, a young boy from Blackstone, Massachusetts, fourteen years ago.  A disastrous accident, which took his father away from him, left three year old Bradley, with a traumatic brain injury. Now, 14 years later, Bradley is learning to fend for himself in the absence of a father and is currently going the extra mile to raise funds for a standing wheelchair that he would like to have.

What Changed Bradley’s Life?

Bradley Gignac, all of three years, was enjoying a jet ski ride with his dad, Kevin, on a lake in Rhode Island when all of a sudden, a boat rammed straight into the pair. Kevin died right there and although Bradley was breathing, the doctors said he had a very slim chance of surviving. He suffered a terrible brain injury and even had a stroke. Despite all of this, fate had a different plan for the little boy and managed to get him out alive.

The tragic accident left Bradley without a father but also changed the boy’s life in another way. Prior to this, he had been completely healthy and fit. His memory, speech and cognitive functions were affected by the accident. He was left paralysed on his right side, the vision in his left eye was lost and he was not able to move around without a wheelchair.

Bradley’s grandmother, Celeste Gignac, made a promise to her son at the time of the accident, that she would make sure she took good care of Bradley and would do everything to ensure that he was always happy. This promise is what has now got Celeste up in arms trying to help Bradley obtain his latest wish.

That wasn’t all that Bradley had to undergo. Due to constantly sitting in a wheelchair, his muscle tones began to diminish and his muscles turned.  This required him to undergo more than a dozen surgeries in these fourteen years.

What Gave His Life Purpose?

Today, this Blackstone High School teen is attempting to raise money so that he can get himself a standing wheelchair that will allow him to do far more than he currently is. This idea took root a few years ago when Bradley, along with his grandmother, decided to visit the Boston Abilities Show, which had some of the latest innovations in wheelchairs, up on display.

It was there that Bradley discovered a standing wheelchair which he was very eager to try out and when he did, he fell in love with it. Since then, Gignac has been trying to collect funds to make this young boy’s dream become a reality. It would certainly help his body improve and provide more freedom to the young teen.

The Road That Lies Ahead

The wheelchair is currently priced at $75,000 and cannot be covered by insurance as it is not being considered a necessity. Although Gignac clearly asserts that anything that helps improve a person’s health, should be considered a necessity.  

Bradley hopes that he can get the standing wheelchair soon as his next goal is to participate in the Special Olympics. He also hopes the day will come when he is able to walk across his school stage to collect his diploma. Gignac has started a GoFundMe campaign hoping that soon, the two of them will have enough money to get Bradley his dream wheelchair.

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  1. SuzeeQupid
    Bradley, stay strong and don't give up! I believe you can make it into the Special Olympics and this is one way of getting there, Take every opportunity you can think of and don't stop trying to reach that goal! Get your message out to the manufacturer and maybe they will sell you one at cost. You may become the "Mich Jordan " of their device! Look for sponsors, write to Paralympic athletes l they may be able to give you fund raising advice. Just don't stop trying!
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