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Teenagers Raise Awareness and Funds in a Special Way
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Teenagers Raise Awareness and Funds in a Special Way

You know how difficult it can be to navigate your way through busy streets, train stations and other public places using a wheelchair. Two able-bodied teenagers wanted to know firsthand how it is to be on a wheelchair, not for the sake of experiencing it but to raise awareness and funds.

Two teenage girls, Emily Dixon and her friend Paige Muir, spent their entire weekend going to the market, hopping on a train, and cruising the city, basically doing everything on a wheelchair. They wanted to raise awareness among citizens of the struggles and difficulties that regular wheelchair users endure. At the same time, they were doing the challenge to raise funds for an autism charity the Daisy Chain.

Dixon, living in Fairfield, and Muir, hailing from Billingham, came up with this unique yet special idea to raise awareness and funds. They wanted people around them to be more aware of things wheelchair users go through. And also they did not want to get donations through the old-fashion way, so they hopped on that mobility chair and went on their way.

It was a Saturday, Dixon and Muir travelled from Fairfield into Stockton Town Centre by bus. They spent the day navigating their way through the town – the market, high street shops, stairs, busy streets – while on their wheelchairs.

Muir said that the experience was really tough and difficult. She could hardly imagine how wheelchair users are able to pull through such struggle, not to mention every day of their lives. But to her, the experience was worth it; she now appreciates more and is even impressed by how brave people on wheelchairs are.

Dixon said that it was tiring and it was painful. Her arms, wrists and hands were really sore and hurting. But despite this, she exclaimed that the experience was great and rewarding. Through it, she was able to understand more the physical challenges and the difficulties of wheelchair users.

The pair hoped that what they did highlighted the problems and physical obstacles that wheelchair users have, and made those people who don't use mobility devices to be more aware. Dixon and Muir were also hoping to raise money for the Daisy Chain since Dixon’s two cousins will be celebrating their birthdays in the said charity.

The Stockton girls’ special way of raising awareness and funds is one thing that people should appreciate because as young as these teenagers are, they already have the heart to help and understand others. Dixon and Muir may be teenage girls but what they did were things an adult would not dare do.

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