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Teletherapy: Remote Therapy Session For Quick Disability Recovery
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Teletherapy: Remote Therapy Session For Quick Disability Recovery

Teletherapy is a remote therapy session conducted online.

Teletherapy sessions are conducted online through remote video tutorials and training. These sessions have helped keep life as normal as possible to people with disabilities who are placed on therapy for a speedy recovery or physical fitness.

Now that many face-to-face therapy sessions have been suspended to reduce the risk of people spreading COVID-19, many physical therapy health centers and gyms have chosen to deliver their services online. This meant a reduction in the risk of contracting COVID-19. It also meant staying active.

Therapy is one thing people recovering from physical health issues and disability cannot do without because it helps them recover quickly.

“Therapy is a procedure, it shouldn’t be placed on hold, a stop to physical health therapy could cause a major setback to the recovery process of a person with a disability, but with the introduction of teletherapy, many of the families I work with as a therapist before the outbreak of COVID-19 requested support to set up routines that work not just for the person with disabilities, but all members of the family while they’re at home,” Aisling Wallace, Therapy Focus Advanced Occupational Therapist said.

Teletherapy comes with lots of benefits. Teletherapy removes the need for travel, which allows for savings. It has also led to an increase in access to therapists. It also allows people to record things that happen in their daily life and share them with their therapists during sessions. Some children with autism and other disabilities are actually more engaged in teletherapy because they are using technology and the devices they love to connect with their therapist.

“We focus on therapeutic exercise, we focus on adjusting to change and developing a routine, we also focus on movement and emotional wellbeing. These are valid therapy goals that are more achievable,” Aisling Wallace said.

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  1. giuliajones32
    External beam radiotherapy or teletherapy is the most common form of radiotherapy. The patient sits or lies on a couch and an external source of radiation is pointed at a particular part of the body. In contrast to internal radiotherapy (brachytherapy), in which the radiation source is inside the body, external beam radiotherapy directs the radiation at the tumour from outside the body.
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  2. flockurology
    It feels like there is no room for inclusion when it comes to pregnancy for people with disabilities, even in hospitals. The first thing I was offered at my first pregnancy scan was a termination because people were like: 'You should not have children."
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  3. bobbrencher01
    This is really helpful to disabled patients.
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  4. bclayton88
    Thanks for the insightful article. I have a disabled cousin too, I will suggest her to go through a telepathy session. Very helpful amidst the Covid19 period. - Brad from
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    1. JacksonS54
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  5. Mari
    I find this article very helpful especially to disabled patients. Therapy helps them recover quickly. Thanks for sharing!
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