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Terry Wants to Fish, We Need to Help
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Terry Wants to Fish, We Need to Help

The world poses a great many challenges for a disabled individual and it is time that we start actually doing something to help our fellow society members who are in wheelchairs. To start off, people can take some time to help Terry, a young man in need of a wheelchair who just wants to fish in peace.

Wheelchair Getting in the Way

Terry Irvine, along with his friends, shares a passion for fishing. He claims to love nothing more than to go out and fish in peace. Sadly though, Terry is unable to walk and is confined to a wheelchair. He has to face the bush every time he wants to go out fishing, and his wheelchair is no good at achieving this task. He gets bogged down repeatedly because of the rough terrain and has to call for support to get him out, which resultantly takes all the fun out of his fishing trips.

An Expensive Solution

Terry's mates couldn’t see him go through so much trouble over something he really enjoyed so they initiated a Go Fund Me campaign to collect the money required to buy him a wheelchair installed with tracks. Such a wheelchair will be able to assist Terry navigate the terrain whenever he wants to go fishing.

Terry’s friends needed to launch an online campaign because the wheelchair costs $15,000 and has to be imported from the United States. Since the wheelchair is mechanical, it will allow Terry to go wherever he wants to go fishing without needing anyone’s help.

An Escape from Daily Routine

Like many people out there, Terry enjoys spending his time close to nature. He says it helps him attain a certain freedom from his daily routine. He loves spending his day out in the sun, looking for trout on a cool stream or fishing for bluegills in a pond. Many experts are of the opinion that fishing helps us relax, releasing the stress of everyday grind from our minds. This is why so many people, including Terry, love nothing more than to spend some time close to nature.

Terry’s story should be enough to make more people empathize with the hardships of someone who is in a wheelchair. By now, the campaign for Terry’s wheelchair has raised about $460, and there is still a long way to go. We need to help Terry as much as we can, and we hope that his friends soon raise enough money to get him the wheelchair he needs, so that he can go fishing whenever he wants to.

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