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Tesla Smart Summon Turn Out to be Useful for Wheelchair Users
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Tesla Smart Summon Turn Out to be Useful for Wheelchair Users

Many people have been criticizing Tesla’s new Smart Summon that is doesn't work properly, but in a new video, they have shown how beneficial is the car for wheelchair users.

Smart Summon has improved features as compared to its predecessor dubbed "Summon," which simply allowed car owners to move their vehicles independently for a few feet in their driveway or tight parking situations.

The Smart Summon allows the owner to Summon their Tesla vehicles even from long distances, and the cars will navigate more complex parking environments.

From the last month, Tesla is getting many new features, and all the features are been testing by its owners.

Elon Musk who is the founder, CEO and chief engineer/designer of SpaceX says this is the most viral feature of Tesla and it has already been used over 550,000 times.

However, some owners have also come up with complaints. Recently, many videos have been upload by the Tesla owners showing that their vehicles are been involved in crashes and some are also been missing while they use the Smart Summon.

Aside from the issues of the car and all the negative news, it hasn't been sure that is there any useful story about the Smart Summon.

But finally, a YouTuber has come up with positive news towards Smart Summon by showing how useful its for a wheelchair user.

Zack Nelson and his wheelchair partner Cambry Kaylor who have their own YouTube channel called Jerry Rig Everything recently posted a video on the benefits of the Tesla Model X.

They highlight many useful features of the Tesla Model X car, but the features of the Smart Summon were more noticeable.

In the video, Tesla’s Summon is shown very useful to park and to get out of a tight parking spot for anyone, but usually, there are issues of the doors as they need a wider place to get in and out.

According to Fred Lambert, who the Editor-in-Chief and the main writer at Electrek, before even he used to think that the Smart Summon wasn't useful but then, later on, he's opinion change about the Smart Summon.

Image credit: JerryRigEverything/ YouTube Screecap

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