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The ARLNH And Walkin’ Pets Provide The Care Misty Wants
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The ARLNH And Walkin’ Pets Provide The Care Misty Wants

There are many animals out there who use a wheelchair since they have met an accident or are been born with disabilities, nowadays there have been so many cases where the human best friend dog has been injured and has been provided a custom wheelchair.

Now there is another story of a dog named Misty who is on the move. The puppy who couldn't even walk on her own, since her back legs were not moving on its own so she uses to drag them whenever she wanted to go somewhere.

Misty's elderly owner, who was not able to provide her the care she wants, since the owner made a very tough decision to send the dog to Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire (ARLNH), where he can get the perfect treatment he wants.

Besides, the new house giving by ARLNH and the care they take of Misty, now they are planning to make the dog independent since they have contacted Walkin’ Pets, A company that has all the care injured animals need and they mainly design a custom wheelchair for pets.

After knowing the story of Misty, Walkin’ Pets were all set to help the dog and many team members from ARLNH had visited the Misty to make her custom wheelchair.

In a very short period, the Walkin’ Pets had set up and delivered the custom wheelchair to Misty, and even Misty became soon comfortable with the wheels. According to Walkin’ Pets, as they placed the dog in the wheelchair soon after he started moving around.

A few weeks ago, the canine had visited ARLNH, where it seems like he was very happy with her new mobility. Now Misty is not anymore the dog who couldn't walk on her own because of her back legs. Soon Misty will send out to a new house as she learning different exercises by which she can stay healthy and happier.

As soon Misty will be adopted and will move to her new house with her new family by ARLNH, she will be gifted a customized scooter by Walkin’ Pets which will help her to move around easily.

Image credit: HandicappedPets .com\ YouTube Screencap

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