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The Bunker: Helping People With Disabilities Through Self-Isolation
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The Bunker: Helping People With Disabilities Through Self-Isolation

Disability rights advocate, Dennis Queen created The Bunker Facebook group for people with disabilities to share their unique experiences during self-Isolation.

The Bunker Facebook group members' aim is to foster unity, peace, and effective communication among people with disabilities. The group currently has over 500 members. The group is filled with discussion on how to remain safe during self-Isolation. It is a social community where people are helping each other to find solutions to complexities, especially, situations members would not have to think about during this lockdown.

Here are some of "The Bunker" members suggestion on how to remain safe and independent during self-isolation:

  • Use of Technology: A Bunker group member urges people with disabilities to create a distance between themselves and their personal assistance with the Echo Show smart speaker (with screen) so that their personal assistance can monitor and interact with them from afar. Echo Show smart speaker is a simple and relatively cheap solution with evidence that it has worked for many people with disabilities. Hence, the use of artificial intelligence technology and robots cannot be downplayed as they deliver tasks intelligently.
  • Care and Hygiene: Another member urge people with disabilities to be conscious about the danger of the Covid-19 virus and get protective materials, the member also advised other members to make sure their caregivers get disinfected before coming 6 feet close.
  • Remain Sane: The group founder, Queen Dean advising members to engage in adaptive Yoga and other adaptive indoor exercises. She also wants members to always make sure their caregivers use gloves and hand sanitizer when they arrive. She asks members to stop catastrophizing situations they have no control over, but rather keep to good hygiene.

"Accept yourself, protect yourself, and stay safe. Communicate, have fun, play games, and as you know, sharing solutions is the bedrock of our community, talk to a friend," Queen Dean said.

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