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The Challenge of Winter
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The Challenge of Winter

Winter brings along with it new challenges for those who are mobility challenged. I suffer from a myopathy that makes it harder for me to walk around in colder weather; it's as if my muscles freeze up when the temperature drops to below zero Celsius. Also, with my muscle weakness ,if I fall down I can't get up by myself unless there is something to drag myself up on.

So, I tend to avoid walking outside in snow or when I know there is ice about. Even with a cane I'm not confident that I won't slip and fall. I find I can't plough through snow at all. If I need to go shopping, I book the mobility transport service to take me to a new mall or a store, even though I live across the street from a large mall. I could book for them to take me across the street but that embarrasses me. I know they would understand, but that is just my current mindset. It may change as I age more.

Like many people, I tend to stay home a lot more in the winter due to concerns about slipping and the fact that when I am walking in cold weather I feel like my legs will not cooperate. I am in a better position than some, since I do work from home. If I don't want to go out, I don't have to go out. I am pleased when the winters where I live are mild and don't bring lots of snow and ice. It's been that way for a couple of years now, but I know it's only a matter of time before we get a snowstorm.

It does make me grateful for the coming of spring (and I revel in spring, summer and fall).

I know others have as hard a time in winter. I would love for those who read this to share their own experiences of this time of year in the comments.


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  1. sweedly
    Susan, I understand what your going through and your lucky in one regard as being able and having the talent to work from home. I have trouble stepping up on things and getting down into small cars. They don't have much leg room and there is no handle to pull yourself up with like a van or truck has. My fibromylagia causes weakness in my legs and so walking any distance is not something I can do. So I tend to stay home and do surveys and other stuff online to cover expenses of things I need but can not afford otherwise. Glad your posting here. I voted.
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