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The Dance of Hope: Boogieing in a Wheel Chair
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The Dance of Hope: Boogieing in a Wheel Chair

Dance is art. It is an expression of liberation and freedom. However, there are unfortunately people who are confined to their wheelchairs and unable to perform to their heart’s content.

A mother’s aspirations

But who says you need to stand on your feet to dance? In fact, anybody can dance and that's being proved by dance teacher Katy North from Eynesbury, UK.

Owner of the Katy North School for Dance and Cheer, her life is an inspiration for thousands of mothers. When one of her twins was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she didn’t let it overwhelm her. Though this news made her worry for her child's future, she started looking for opportunities for her little one instead of losing hope. 

Unable to find a dance school for her music-loving daughter, Hattie, Katy decided to take matters into her own hands and started classes for wheel chair bound individuals. Her desire to find a creative outlet for her daughter made her think about the situation of hundreds of others who faced similar problems.

Katy isn’t the only one worried about the plight of those confined to a wheelchair, though. There are many people out there breaking stereotypes and offering hope for the differently abled.

Chelsie Hill- Motivational speaker and acclaimed hip hop dancer

Years ago, three-year-old Chelsie had her heart set on becoming a dancer. However, a major accident in her late teens left her paralyzed waist down. Chelsie soon decided this wouldn’t stop her from fulfilling her childhood dream.

She learned to treat her wheelchair like an extension of her own body and made herself one of the most inspiring young dancers to hit the hip-hop circuit. Being inspired by Auti Angel, a wheelchair bound dancer, she decided to pursue her own dreams.

She was able to meet Auti and formed an immediate bond with her. Meeting her led to a TV debut and then there was simply no looking back.

Mayli and Brooklyn Star Dancers

The dance fever seems to be catching pretty fast and these two little girls would win your hearts with their fiery moves and grooves. Make sure you check out their cute performance at

As individuals, it is our responsibility to try and do our best to help those around us. After all, we rise by lifting others. Instead of feeling sorry for those with any sort of challenges, it is better to empathize and help them integrate into our society.

Dance schools for the differently-able are a step towards the right direction and can perhaps someday provide opportunities for everyone to express themselves through dance.

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