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The Doll Ginny With a Radial Club Hand is a Gift to Every Children With Disabilities
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The Doll Ginny With a Radial Club Hand is a Gift to Every Children With Disabilities

4-years-old, wearing thick glasses and has a radial club hand, which makes a big difference between her and other kids of her age but she never let his hand become a problem for her and all the activities.

In case if you are thinking who are they talking about, Its the doll Ginny who is made by the founders of the social enterprise Ginny's Planet, Jamal Siddiqui and Shweta Verma, the goals is to make Ginny stories and books related to all inclusion kids.

Ginny the doll loves to play with her friends and run around, just like any other 4-years-old girl. As she has a radial club hand, she wears a brace on her nine fingers to support her wrist and has spectacles to control her vision obstacles.

Shweta Verma and Jamal Siddiqui want to spread a message to every kid and especially children across the world that differences like this make every child unique and beautiful in their lives with the help of their doll, Ginny and storybooks featuring her.

Shweta, who has work in the disability sector for over 15 years says, the idea of using a doll came about when they were imagined to orient kids about inclusion.

After a couple brought their son home even they started having an inclusive mindset as their child has a radial club hand. In this case, the radius bone is missing or underdeveloped in the arms, which makes the hand bent towards the body.

According to Jamal, children with these kinds of conditions and their parents face many insensitivities. There are people out there who tell them getting a disability certificate from a government hospital is such a long process and even disrespect and they also been asked many odd questions about the disabilities. This also motivates their parents to take a step towards this issue.

By next year, Ginny will have a new friend by the company named Sai who will be a part of her group of friends, Sai, male, who has vitiligo a skin condition that is very visible of his body, which can be challenging for a child.

If you are interested in the Ginny dolls and its storybooks, there are available on Flipkart, Amazon and Ginny's Planet.

Image credit: Ginny's Planet \ YouTube Screencap

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