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The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair
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The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair

The best foldable wheelchair out there is the FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair, the wheelchair is waterproof. In fact, the wheelchair covers four seasons of driving condition, what's more? It's foldable, It's waterproof, it has a great shock absorber. It is a wheelchair many wheelchair users will love.

The FOLD & GO 4-Season WeatherPROOF System is designed in a way that user can ride their wheelchair during rain, in mud, puddle or any weather. The wheelchair has waterproof rear motor wheels, waterproof dynamic drive 360 precision control joystick, waterproof electromagnetic brakes, and 2 lithium-ion batteries.

With a 5-hours rapid global battery charger, waterproof battery life of 1,000 charges and joystick quick release connection, the wheelchair is a great foldable travel wheelchair that can be transported in an airplane or cruise ship worldwide.

The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair can be driven anywhere because of its strong oval design and a maximum shock absorber which help increase bump-sensitive traction, the wheelchair has a magnesium frame which is strong as titanium and lighter than aluminum, it has a maximum ground and puddle clearance. The wheelchair has a hill-climbing range of up to 25° Slope, it has a solid rubber all-terrain rear tires and all-terrain front caster wheel. The wheelchair can fit through bathroom doors easily because it has an overall width of 24 inches.

The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair has a batteries inclusive net weight of 50 LBS, a weight capacity of 400 LBS, a dynamic drive 360-degree precision control joystick, 5-Speed joystick cruise control of 0.5 MPH, 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 3 MPH, 4 MPH and a maximum driving speed of 4 MPH.

The market price for the FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair is $2,895.00. The FOLD & GO MagSHOCK Wheelchair comes with a 3-Year Warranty, ASAP video service call, wall outlet charger, battery only charging cable, seat belt, nylon double zipper storage bag under the seat and a 7-in-1 Tool.

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  1. aduboyce58
    Hi, My name is Alan Duboyce and I am a 58 year old t-3 paraplegic and have used a manual ultra-light the 36 years I have been a wheeler since a car accident in 1984 at age 22. I am getting older and want to save My shoulders and get places My manual can not go here where I live in Rural New Hampshire. I have been reseaching The New MagSHOCk and for a chair that will get Me off the pavement the price is right.I have used power assist and only get 5 miles per charge and really does not do well unless on pavement. I just have not heard from any wheelchair users with spinal cord injury paraplegic or quad and would like to know when You post on this chair is it from Your own experience with this chair or have You talked to others with SCI that have used or own this chair? Any info You can give Me would be much Appreciated because I have been thinking about purchasing this chair for backyard cookouts in hilly grass gravel roads and plowed snow in Winter? Hope to hear back from You Soon. Thank You, Alan Duboyce
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