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The Firefly 2.5 BK Edition Wheelchair
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The Firefly 2.5 BK Edition Wheelchair

The first Firefly wheelchair model was designed by Rio Mobility about 14 years ago. Since then, Firefly has been one of the best wheelchair brands in the mobility market, there are few upgrades over the years, and now, there is a better upgrade called Firefly 2.5 BK Edition which is set for release this summer. The new Firefly 2.5 BK Edition comes with a beautiful framework, better battery life, enhanced brakes, better tires, improved frame docking, and more to make the wheelchair more functional and easy to use. It also comes with a chrome red frame or a metallic gunmetal frame, both with a matte black accent.

"Built with the Firefly wheelchair users' feedback over the year's as a guideline, the Firefly 2.5 BK Edition comes with a smart wheel,” says Alex Hunt, the COO of Rio Mobility. We love hearing from people about how Firefly has made them enjoy more accessibility and better mobile experience, we also took note of all their positive and negative feedback.

The new Firefly 2.5 BK Edition wheelchair comes with dual kickstands that allow the user's to park and store the Firefly in an upright position. It can stand on its own, all a user has to do is to roll up to it and snap it on. Little wheels are attached to the kickstands to make it easy for users to roll their wheelchair from the garage to their trunk with little effort. A dual-LED light system is added to the wheelchair for users to see and be seen at all times. The Firefly 2.5 BK Edition wheelchair is fitted with dual disk brakes with dual disk calipers for more braking power and increased disk and pad lifetimes, and locking brake handles with a bell attached, it also has a color touchscreen with haptic feedback activated.

The Firefly 2.5 BK Edition wheelchair comes with an improved battery management system and Panasonic GA batteries with a 252 watt-hour battery that passes UN Transportation Testing and is certified to be carried in an airplane. The Firefly 2.5 BK Edition wheelchair MRP is $2,599.

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  1. Hegowees
    The firefly 2.5 BK edition wheelchair design is ready. The designer's name is also mentioned on the page because with the complete process it comes at this stage because I know it is really important to stay and more for such features are also shared to check and then launched.
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  5. holola
    Thanks to the invention ideas that now disabled people are no different from ordinary people, they can function flexibly, which is great. And maybe they can use this for good relaxation
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  6. slimus
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  7. Amy Smith
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  8. Anne Yu
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  9. emauberjonoi73s
    The Firefly 2.5 BK Edition Wheelchair is awesome and I salute Rio Mobility for making this thing possible.
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  10. MyBiz
    Awesome! I wish I can afford that to my grandfather. Sam |
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  11. matthewkhan
    What is the price and can I purchase it in Korea?
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  12. Alexis
    This firefly wheelchair is amazing! Great model.
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  13. Chloesmith
    This new edition has got really great and improved features. It's very impressive. Nice work Regards Chloe
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  14. luke163
    The Firefly 2.5 "BK Edition'' is the latest version of Firefly power attachment for wheelchairs, and has the most advanced technology on the market. GREAT!
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