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The Importance of Enjoyment for the Physically Challenged and the Care Giver
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The Importance of Enjoyment for the Physically Challenged and the Care Giver

Living a healthy life is important for the physically challenged person, as well as their care giver. One of the things I've learned is that living with a physical challenge doesn't mean that life has to end there. Getting out, seeing beautiful places, having fun with family, friends, and socializing is very important for a healthy, happy life, despite what you may be challenged with. It's not only important for the person who is physically challenged, it's important for the care giver, as well.  I'm not saying that you have to get out there and be exploring and traveling constantly. Of course there are days that go by while you are challenged by doctor visits, lab tests, surgeries, and so on, but taking some time in between living your regular routine and doing whatever your "normal" is, you have to get out and do the unusual once in a while.  For us, trying to keep a balance physically, mentally and spiritually is the key. Having the supportive family we have and being able to be in a different environment, seeing nature, being on the water, laughing and having fun just pushes healthy living up a notch. Living life to the fullest helps me be inspired to create and thrive and for my primary care giver, my husband, it helps him stay refreshed and happy.

This year while my niece, Cheryl, and her husband, Joe, were here visiting from New Jersey, they invited my husband and I out for the Captain Memo Pirate Cruise. Believe it or not, having lived here in Clearwater for thirty years, we had never been out on it. Of course, the first thing I asked was if it was disabled accessible or not? It was!  The cruise was so much fun. The Captain and the Crew were awesome right from the start. The water gun shootout was a blast and certainly helped keep everyone cool before the evening sun started to set. Then of course, we had a good time on the scavenger hunt, and both teams came up with the same score, and we all won a copy of the "Captain Memo the Pirate" book!  The cruise was awesome and we loved every minute of it! On the way home, my husband and I stopped for bite to eat, which topped off our evening date before we returned home. The entire evening did us both a lot of good. Keeping that balance of being happy and healthy, physically, spiritually and mentally, because it isn't always easy, but still being able to enjoy life to the fullest is so important.

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