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The Key to Financial Independence
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The Key to Financial Independence

There is an old saying - If you have to do it right you got to do it yourself.  If this is true how do we answer this question - Will becoming self employed make you rich? We all heard it before. Even more so with the web - "Be Your Own Boss!", "Think and Grow Rich!", "Multi Millionaire Secrets They don't want you to know"; etc. There are the right way and the wrong way to achieve financial independence. i had tried many of them and believe me ninety nine percent of the so called methods does not work. Being a scientist at heart does has its advantages. I used scientific ways to test these self proclaimed successful methods. After years of trying and thousands of dollars later none of them had given me anything close to what I had expected. In fact ninety nine percent of these so called successes no longer exists. My conclusion - The key to unlock your goal to financial freedom is within youself. To me my strongest and greatest strength is writing. I am not sure what it mean exactly but I know I enjoy it. At times I had found I had the ability to write a lot about nothing. While on occassions I had come up with thought provoking articles, stories and essays that might yeild a good income to me if they reach the right audience. Even if I don't get pay for these writings I still have the satisfaction of being able to enjoy and doing the work. Which bring me back to my original subject. 

Self employment is not as easy as it sounds. You need a lot of money in order to become financially independent. You must make up your own schedule. You must learn to budget. You must advertise your products or services. You must adjust and modify your products and/or services in order to earn an income. There are many other tasks and responsibilities you must take on. 

So before you decide to quit your job and go through the obstacles of self employment please take your time and do the home work. Explore your strengths. Understand your limits. Research and gather as much as you can on your subject of interest. Above all else be truthful to yourself.

Thank you for your attention. I wish you good luck and may good fortune finds you. Thank you.


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  1. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #1 I hear ya!
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  2. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    Paul, I thank you for this little tidbit of information. I am looking for ways to work from home, and achieve my independence as a self made employer and to become my own boss. I've been wanting to do this ever since I've had a computer. However, I have not done too much research in the matter. I'd like not to go back out there, and work a regular nine to five jobs anymore. I'd rather work from right here in the comfort of my own home which, at the moment is my apartment. I'd like to live in a much bigger place to have more room in it. But, for now, I guess, our apartment will have to do for the time being. Again, thanks, and vote #2.
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