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The Mobile Assistant
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The Mobile Assistant

I have met plenty of people confined to wheelchairs. Most of them are incredibly friendly. I've even made friends with some of them. I admit I have a handicap. I have a speech impliment problem. It took me years before I managed to acknowledge this disabilitiy that had hindered my career choices. I found writing to be my escape. I am just getting into it now, and I am starting to like it. I understand the frustrations and anger these limitations could bring.

It's the same thing with the wheelchair. Once you get past the clumbersome machine and get to know the person in it, the machine no longer matters. I am an electronic technologist by choice. I have seen the designs of wheelchairs throughout the years. The principle remains the same. You still need to sit in it. You are srapped to it with seat belts. You still have to roll it, either by hand or by electric power. These machines are heavy. They require modified structure for easy access.

For some reason, I had a dream about this, and I ask myself "What if we can combine the functions of a wheelchair with the mobility of a gurney? Wouldn't that make life easier? Especially for people who cannot reach the standard stove top level but loves to cook?" My idea is to convert a gurney into three sections, mount a motor and battery to the bottom and use a computer control by the user to lift or lower hydrolics and allow the machine to transform into a multipurpose tool I like to call the Personal Mobile Assitant. 

At this time it is just an idea. However, with modern technologies, I believe it can become a reality. We had the Stagway, which is a modified platform on wheels. We already know we can make robots which had the ability to sit, stand and walk. In Japan, various engineers have developed an extroskeleton that minicks how the human body works. I would love to work with you on the design and bring it into reality. If you want to help please, email me. Maybe together we can make the wheelchair become just another part of history.  

Thank you.


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  1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Voted :)
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  2. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #3 Great idea...good luck I hope your dream come true!
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  3. Titus392
    Well, I hire an Assistant Manager for my company who help me in this kind of work. I get this suggestion from because I have other things to look after so I can't focus on this.
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  4. DanielCerritos
    Love the idea. This actually helped me while working at
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