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The NeoFly Wheelchair Aims to Change The Lives of People With Disabilities
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The NeoFly Wheelchair Aims to Change The Lives of People With Disabilities

Many wheelchair users have complaints with their chair and the most common one is that they are not able to fit in a wheelchair. So now there is good news for all those who don't fit in any size.

There is a new customized wheelchair designed by NeoMotion called NeoFly, a wheelchair that is designed to fit any kind of body shape and help to promote the right posture, good health, independence, and style.

Neomotion was created to change the way people with disabilities are perceived in India with user-centric design as its mantra. NeoFly is a smaller wheelchair than any other regular wheelchair. In a conventional wheelchair, when the user gives a single push the chair moves 1 to 1.5 meters, but the NeoFly can covers at least three times more distance.

The NeoFly features a motor-powered clip-on device, NeoBolt. The device makes the wheelchair into a safe, roadworthy vehicle. Once the user has fully charged the wheelchair, it can be used up to 30 km. The users can also easily attach and reattach the device without any outside help because of the clip-on function of the NeoBolt.

The NeoFly is priced at 35,000 INR + TAX, the shipping is available across India. This includes after-sales service and spares. The Team NeoMotion had completed the NeoFly in just three years. The HCL Technologies employee, Shaurya Vidheshi is among the earliest users of this wheelchair. Shaurya is a spinal cord injury patient, back in 2018, he decided to buy NeoFly after his older Ottobock wheelchair gave up.

“The NeoMotion team came to my home in Greater Noida and took the measurements of the old wheelchair to figure out the size and height that suited me. They later brought the customized wheelchair home and adjusted it to my needs”. While he is happy with the NeoFly’s overall performance, he finds the older version heavier than the Ottobock. “It becomes hard for the guards in my office to carry me in my wheelchair”, says Shaurya.

NeoFly features a cushion to enhance skincare, ease of transfer, and stability. On the basics of design, it's stylish and rugged and also provides the users with a smooth and safe ride on any terrain, says Team NeoMotion.


Image credit: Titan Design/ YouTube Screencap

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  1. donzparker25
    What a life-changing project this is. Thank you for inventing.
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  2. alidaclark
    A good wheelchair, supporting many people with disabilities to move in the most convenient way.
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  3. SpellingBee889
    Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things
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  4. RJohn
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  8. tintin333
    That's amazing. great innovation, i hope it will improve my life. Tintin from France from
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  9. James Williams
    I like the concept of the project. This will eventually make travel easier for people in a wheelchair. Anyway, thank you for sharing this info, and please feel free to visit - the best concreters in Bendigo, Victoria.
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  10. DanJohn
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  11. rosacalh9521
    I already saw someone in our area who are using this NeoFly wheelchair and they are amazing, the mobility it gives to those who use it is really life changing.
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