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The New Vitaglide
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The New Vitaglide

The new Vitaglide is suitable for wheelchair users with injuries C5 and below. It offers a great cardiovascular workout while simultaneously strengthening the arms, shoulders, back, chest and core.

The new Vitaglide is fitted with a touchscreen attached to its frame. The touchscreen allows users to adjust the resistance, the duration of the workout (which can be counted up or counted down) and the Glide Factor. Users can perform a cross-country skiing motion while seated on their wheelchair with the Vitaglide. Users can also perform a rowing motion in addition to cross-country skiing.

The new Vitaglide has a footprint of 56 by 48 inches with a heigh which can be easily controlled, lowered or raised on any type of wheelchair by a gas spring. Vitaglide enables users to set goals and monitor their performance through the Glide Factor, an algorithm developed to track energy users expended through reps completed and the resistance level at which they were completed. So the Vitaglide gives a Glide Factor score for each workout. 

The arms on the new Vitaglide can function independently of each other. The arms move independently of each other and give resistance going both forward and backward, resulting in a more balanced workout for both arms. For those with strength imbalances, the resistance can be adjusted for each arm in order to accommodate the difference. For instance, the resistance on the left side could be set to three while the right side is set to four. The motions can be changed on the fly, so if the user gets tired of one exercise, they can switch to the other at any time.

The makers of the Vitaglide achieved a tremendous feat by combining so many exercises into one machine that can be used independently or with minimal assistance. The MRP for Vitaglide is $3,299.

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  1. janejones4237
    I tried one of your wheelchair and I am really amaze of your New Vitaglide Wheelchair. I will suggest this to charity of my company.
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  2. brendanlee
    working out with the Vitaglide, it’s a complete upper-body workout for individuals in wheelchairs.
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  3. annamarle
    Nice post for great content
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  4. Ariana
    What a lovely output. Thanks!
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  5. watchout
    For those with strength imbalances, their resistance can be adjusted for each arm in order to accommodate the difference. The find a word tool:
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  6. MyBiz
    It really helps to get the strength and I hope it works for recovery. Sam |
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  7. AnnieWReyes
    The New Vitaglide post you shared here is very useful for the people in need. When we use the we can find the best ideas that can help us to resolve the issues we face.
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