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The Ren Chair to Enable Greater Mobility for Wheelchair Users
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The Ren Chair to Enable Greater Mobility for Wheelchair Users

In collaboration with Wheel-Line Co. Ltd and REHTO Design, the BASF unveiled the prototype of a concept wheelchair dubbed the "Ren Chair" earlier this week. Designed after directly consulting people who use wheelchiars, the Ren Chair is a perfect combination of an eye-catching design, style and high-performance materials from BASF.

The Ren Chair addresses wheelchair users' biggest concern regarding safety by offering a more secure, and barrier-free experience. Dong Ok Kum, CEO, Wheel-Line says there is skyrocketing demand for lightweight, durable wheelchairs sporting an appealing design in China.

"BASF provides us with great solutions to realize our vision of reducing the weight of wheelchairs without compromising on design and functionality,” Kum says.

Made using super lightweight materials from BASF, the Ren Chair provides superior comfort for the wheelchair user as well as caregivers. Its light weight makes the Ren Chair an easy-to-move wheelchair and therefore reduces injuries.

Moreover, it features a dual-density seat, which is made using Elastoflex W flexible foam polyurethane system (PU) from BASF. This high elasticity material ensures high comfort level, while the artificial leather in the seat cover, which is made using Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) provides outstanding haptics and makes cleaning easier too.

The sensors and connectors of the Ren Chair can be paired with a smartphone app that detects the wheelchair's movement and also enables the user to control the signal lights which are placed at the back so that he/she can effortlessly navigate barrier-free facilities.

The casters ion the wheels employ Ultrasim, which is BASF’s proprietary simulation tool. The tool provides accurate calculations of the anisotropic mechanical behavior of material solutions, which reduces development costs and boosts production.

Jae Sung Go, CEO, REHTO Design points out that BASF’s material solutions along with its technical and simulation technologies facilitated the design and functionality of this unique wheelchair called the Ren Chair. Thanks to the flexibility offered by the high-performance material, Go said they could think more creatively while designing the Ren Chair.

The Creation Center, which is BASF’s department that supports inspiring designers played a vital role in bringing this one-of-a-kind concept to reality, Tony Jones, head, industrial, business management added. Performance Materials Asia Pacific teamed-up with BASF to co-create a prototype sporting a new look and feel, offering wheelchair users looking for greater independence and a never before experience.


Image credit: BASF / YouTube screencap

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