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The Ultimate Wheelchair Combo Allows You to Push or Power
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The Ultimate Wheelchair Combo Allows You to Push or Power

Many of us wheelchair users will at some point in our lives face a critical decision point: to use a manual wheelchair or to use a power wheelchair. But when the decision is not black and white, when sometimes you need a-little-of-this and a-little-of-that, that’s where power assist devices come in handy and we now have wonderful options such as the Smart Drive and the E-Motion wheels.

The newest option on the market is the ZX-1 Power Add-On brought to you by Spinergy, the same company renowned for their high performance wheelchair wheels. The wheelchair wheels are known for their engineered durability¬—the same ones Aaron “Wheelz” uses for his backflips off the megaramps— and you’ll get the same quality of endurance and power in the ZX-1.

Durable and compact, this 85 lb. (35 kg.) unit attaches right under your manual chair (any rigid manual chair of any brand, for that matter) and converts it into a power chair with the press of a button. The user can use this device independently, with no assistance, no tools, and attaching and detaching in a matter of seconds.

The ZX-1 uses two 320 watt 24 volt DC Motors. What is that you ask? These specs mean that the motors are the same ones used in most standard power chairs. How does that translate in terms of what this means for your lifestyle? Think turning your manual into a joystick-operated, hill-climbing, asphalt-eating machine. You can climb over brush, grass, and dirt trails with total ease and once you’re back on pavement or indoors you can detach. You never have to leave your seat!

The ZX-1 answers the prayers of c5/6 quadriplegics, who often see it as the perfect solution. It is also great for travelers, college-goers, mothers, veterans (they get this equipment through the VA), and those experiencing shoulder injuries. It’s good for anyone, really. Other benefits include savings: because it is compact, you may not need home modifications. You may not even need a van with ramp as there are vehicle lifts (made by Harmar) specifically for the unit. If you are a traveler, your equipment will not get damaged as Spinergy also sells a military grade travel case to protect the unit.

Visit or in the US, call 760-496-2121 for more info. In the US, ask your local NuMotion or 101Mobility dealer about the ZX-1. Vets may refer to their local VA. International customers will find distributors abroad by calling.


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Photo Source: Spinergy, Inc.

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  1. mike05
    I wanted to buy power wheelchair for my Grandpa over here: who has been facing severe arthritis issues lately. Just wanted to know as to which type of wheelchair would be most effective for him to roam around freely.
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